Are You a Professional Woman Ready To: Excel In Your Career? Bring Out Your Strengths? Overcome Your Fears? Become an Incredible Leader? Define and Manage Your Personal Leadership Brand for More Confidence, Visibility & Success?

Lisa is a Certified Leadership & Success Coach that works with professional women, of all ages in any role, who value personal growth, want to excel in their careers, accelerate their path to professional and personal fulfillment…and who understand the benefits of working with a professional Coach to help make it happen.

She received her Coach Certification through an intensive training program accredited by the International Coach Federation. And, for over a decade, Lisa has worked with professional women ranging from small business owners to entry-level employees to VP’s at Fortune 500 companies.

A vast majority of respected female senior executives, world leaders, premier athletes, and successful entrepreneurs, hired a personal Coach early-on, and continue to hire them, for a variety of reasons. Why? They benefit from it!


  • Imposter Syndrome? 60% of Executives reported that suffering from Imposter Syndrome has affected their career growth! It’s a REAL thing and destructive.
  • Low self-confidence?
  • Poor communication skills?
  • Passed over for a promotion & think you were the most qualified candidate?
  • Got promoted but now feel in over-your-head?
  • Feel stuck in a “rut” personally & professionally and don’t know how to get out of it?
  • Feel like everyone seems to have their act together (except you)?
  • Constantly feel intimidated at work so you feel walked-on and unappreciated?
  • Always take-on more work, or work longer hours, even though you’re maxed-out?
  • Don’t feel like people listen to your ideas or take your in-put seriously?
  • Feel like you’re in conflict with your Boss and/or team members a lot?
  • Want to move-up at work but are scared to OR don’t know how?
  • Wondering if you’re at the right company, in the right role, or even in the right career?
  • Wish you had greater visibility at work?
  • Know you could be a better leader but need guidance?

If you answered “Yes” to just ONE of those issues, your career growth, success, and happiness are being derailed. So, CONTACT LISA TODAY to start making positive changes!

personal leadership brand, Lisa Orrell

“Through Lisa’s excellent coaching, I’ve become much more comfortable in my management role. I’m only 26 years old, and had no previous leadership or management training, so hiring her to help me with my communication style, confidence, and employee engagement skills was invaluable.”

– J. Ellison, Gen Y Manager & Owner of a Fitness Center