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Lisa is an expert on Leadership Development and Personal Branding…and how the two work together to develop a next-level Leadership mindset and creates positive changes in workplace culture. Plus, Lisa focuses on edu-tainment, so your attendees will learn a lot and have fun!

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Millennials into Leadership, improving communications across the generations
Millennials Incorporated, improving communications across the generations
Boomers into Business, improving communications across the generations

Client Testimonials

“Our conference attendees rated your Keynote, ‘Improving Communications Across the Generations’, as ABOVE EXCELLENT! And they shared comments, such as: ‘Loved it! and Powerful message and very entertaining!’ Thank you so much.” – Allison Boyette: Programs Director, NC Health Care Facilities Association.

“We’ve booked Lisa a lot because she’s one of our favorite speakers!” – Winn Claybaugh: Co-founder, Owner & Dean of Paul Mitchell Schools.

“Many of our GenNEXT chapters throughout the U.S. & Canada have hired Lisa because she’s amazing!” – Lindsay F.: Enterprise Global Chair, Gen Y Diversity Group, Johnson & Johnson.

“Lisa Orrell ROCKED! Every college student, and employees from ANY generation, should be required to attend her ‘Personal Branding’ presentations!” – C. Serene, College Student Who Attended Lisa’s Presentation.

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Latest Lisa News

  • Pfizer U.S. booked Lisa as their Keynote Speaker for their Annual Sales Meeting. Her speech topic: “Get a Grip on Gen Y”.
  • Johnson & Johnson in NJ booked Lisa to conduct her popular speech, “Improving Communications across the Generations”, for an All Hands Meeting.
  • Maxim Integrated hired Lisa to conduct her popular “Your Employee Brand is in Your Hands” Workshop for over 100 employees!
  • Lisa hired by Juniper Networks to conduct her “Get a Grip on Gen Y” Workshop for Sr. Managers & Executives!
  • Lisa hired to Keynote for Advancing Women Executives luncheon! Previous speakers for AWE include Gloria Steinem!
  • Lisa booked as Keynote Speaker for the NC Health Care Facilities Annual Conference. Over 600 people attended her opening Keynote and rated her presentation & delivery as “Above Excellent”!