Lisa Orrell, CPC:

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Here is a complete list of Lisa’s unique, dynamic, info-packed and entertaining Keynotes, Workshops and Full-Day Programs!


Your Employee Brand is in Your Hands: How Employees Can Create & Manage a Positive Personal Brand at Work for Greater Leadership Success: eBay alone has hired Lisa to conduct this over 25 TIMES!

Get a Grip on Gen Y: How to Effectively Recruit, Manage, and Retain the Unique Millennial Generation: For Managers and Executives who are responsible for recruiting & retaining young professionals.

Improving Communication across the Generations: Highly informative (yet, fun!) presentation that Lisa is booked for often because it helps a multi-generational workforce better understand each other.

The Gen Z Invasion: Bigger & Vastly Different from the Millennials…How to Attract, Recruit, Engage, and Retain, Our NEW Generation: Now in their early 20’s, Gen Z is entering the workforce and companies are making the mistake of thinking they are like Millennials…BUT Gen Z is totally different from the generation before them!.


The Millennial Get a Grip on Leadership Program: For Millennial employees who are entering, or currently in, a leadership role within your company.

The Gen X-treme Leadership Development Program: For mid-to-senior level Managers, who are “older” than the Millennials and could benefit from a deeper-dive into effective leadership skills and management styles…and who could also benefit from better understanding their younger (aka: Millennial) co-workers and employees.

Your Employee Brand is in Your Hands Leadership Development Program: An expanded version of Lisa’s popular workshop and keynote on this topic for improving leadership skills, self-awareness, and personal accountability.

The Dealing with Difficult Program: This powerful, unique program will help employees, from any generation and in any role at work, to more effectively deal with difficult co-workers, employees, and situations.

The Embracing the Coach Approach for Leadership Success Program: This game-changing program is for Managers, at any level, to teach them how to incorporate coaching skills into their management style to make them more effective leaders.



“Lisa Orrell is a hot property.”
Entrepreneur Magazine: This was the opening sentence of a 6-page feature article on how companies can better manage & prepare Millennial employees for leadership roles.


“Everyone loved you! There is so much excitement and ideas surfacing since you spoke for us. In addition, you have such an engaging personality and terrific speaking style that it feels like I’ve known you forever!”
— Equilla W.: (Former) VP of Workforce Diversity & Inclusion, Blue Cross/Blue Shield 

“The feedback is off-the-charts from the attendees at our Salesforce Leadership Summit! They loved you. Some of them are going to see about having you speak for our entire Chicago office. You crushed it! Our Millennials in management especially loved it!”
— Sarah R.: VP of Solutions Engineering @ Salesforce (and Committee Member for their Leadership Summit)

“Feedback on your keynote has been fabulous! Thanks again! You helped make our Annual Diversity Day a huge success!!!”
— Judy S.: Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition & Diversity/Inclusion, Applied Materials

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