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Becoming An Industry Expert Will Fast Track Your Career

November 13th, 2010

Hi All!

If you’re seeking ways to stand-out at work, and in your industry for career success, one of the best things you can do is position yourself as an “Industry Expert”. And it doesn’t matter what age you are in the professional workforce OR what industry you’re in – you can become known as an expert in your industry quickly.

Many employees want to position themselves as Industry Experts to attract media interviews and make additional income as conference speakers. Some even speak at conferences for no fee; they do it to increase awareness for themselves as “experts”. And I find for many, their main motivation is to generate awareness for themselves ‘outside’ of the notoriety they (may) have within their company. They simply want to be a “bigger fish” vs just another employee.

I conduct workshops on how to create a Personal Leadership Brand at work, and I also discuss it in my Leadership seminars for Gen Y employees and college students. But, as I mentioned, there are people who want to take their “personal brand” to another level, outside of where they work, and create a name for themselves throughout their industry.

And most employers support this. Why? Because it reflects well on their corporate brand! If a company has “known” Industry Experts working for them, it tells their industry,”We have the cream-of-the-crop working for us!” Plus, whenever these employees are quoted in the media or speak at conferences, it gives the company’s brand more exposure, too.

Developing an Industry Expert brand platform is something that more and more people are coming to me for coaching on. Based on my 20-years of owning an award-winning Marketing Agency in Silicon Valley, I understand branding and what it takes to create a brand platform as an “expert”. Heck, I’ve done it for myself!

Plus, I also consult with these individuals on the Marketing, PR and Social Media strategies required to get them the exposure they seek. Do you think I became known globally as “The Generations Relations Expert” by accident? Do you think I have received, and continue to receive, media interview requests by chance? Do you think all the speaking I do at conferences, and for organizations, just “happened” one day? NO!!!!!

I built a brand platform for myself as an “expert”! Sure, I realize you may not want to be self-employed like I am. A lot of people are very happy being employees, and love where they work…but they want to be more well-known…and they know it can create more opportunities for career success.

So, if you’re interested in exploring how we can create an Industry Expert brand platform for you, to fast-track your career and increase your notoriety, contact me. And you can learn about this aspect of my professional life at:

Bye for now!


What Does the Workforce of the Future Look Like?

September 12th, 2010

Hi All!

I’m going to keep this short because I’ve got lots to work on today. But on Wednesday I’m heading to Chicago to conduct a presentation for a large corporation, along with 5 other Thought Leaders, on the “Future of the Workforce”.

We’ve been asked to discuss trends and our insights about how work environments, and the role of HR, will shift over the next 5-20 years…everything from generations at work, diversity training, communication tools, technology, management, recruiting, retention, employee benefits, global teams, and much more, will be covered. Cool stuff!

During my research I came across some interesting info about this hot topic, and here are links to a few articles and websites that contain great info to check out:

1. Shaping the Workforce of the Future by Barry Salzberg

2. HR 2018: Future View by Ed Frauenheim

3. Meet the Future of the Workforce PriceWaterhouseCoopers website

4. Get Ready to Swarm: 10 Changes to the Way We Work in the Next Decade by Tom Austin

There are quite a few interesting insights, so be sure to look at these resources! And if the company I’m working with in Chicago is okay with me sharing content from the event this week, I’ll do so when I get back from my trip!

Bye for now,


How Developing a Personal Brand at Work Can Impact Your Career Success

July 11th, 2010

Hi All!

I conduct workshops and seminars for employees of corporations (many attendees are Millennials) on how and why developing a Personal (Leadership) Brand platform for themselves is important to their career growth, success and advancement. And I also discuss this quite a bit in my second book, “Millennials Into Leadership: The Ultimate Guide for Gen Y’s Aspiring to Be Effective, Respected, Young Leaders at Work”.

Here is a brief overview, that I call D.A.C.C., which explains why, even if you’re an employee and not self-employed, developing your own Personal Brand in the workforce is necessary (and you should start creating yours NOW, regardless of your role/level…even if you’re an entry-level employee!!!):


  • Makes you stand out in the sea of other employees
  • Communicates who you are to your peers, leadership, employees and clients


  • Allows you to speak and act authentically
  • Prevents you from being “fake”
  • Gives you clarity “about you” and what you stand for
  • Great Quote: “To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are!”


  • Makes people know how you will act and handle situations, consistently
  • Enables others to know who you are and what they can expect from you, consistently
  • Regardless of who are interacting with, your personality and demeanor, are consistent


  • You know what you stand for and act accordingly
  • Gives you clarity, and others clarity, on your core values
  • Helps keep you on track: “If I do this or say this, is it supporting or diluting my Personal Brand?”
  • Keeps your moral compass in-check when faced with questionable situations that could tempt you

Take some time to think about your core values, work ethic, personality, and unique attributes that you bring to a work environment, and write your own Personal Brand Positioning Statement. And then once it’s crafted to your liking, proclaim it, live it, and BE your brand!

BTW: I even know some employees who have taken it a step further and added a “visual brand” element to their overall branding. What do I mean by this? One woman I know always wears striped socks at work, and she is known for that (as well as her positive personal attributes); and one young man I know is known for always wearing funny hats to work. Think of this in terms of Donald Trump and his hair…we all may laugh at it, but he is keenly aware that it’s part of his visual brand, he knows it is a topic of conversation, and he loves that the media talks about it.

In the book that I wrote (mentioned above), I have a whole chapter with quotes from senior executives about the importance of personal branding, as it pertains to leadership, in the workforce. One that I love, and that really sticks with me, is: “Be aware that people are watching what you say and what you don’t say, and what you do and what you don’t do. Your next opportunities, and indeed reputation, will be impacted by the actions and decisions you make day-to-day…everyday.”

By determining your personal brand at work, and living it consistently, you are building and creating a “reputation” that can foster career success – faster than the employees who choose not to.

Bye for now!


Gen Y: Can You Answer These Business and Dining Etiquette Questions?

July 07th, 2010

Hi All!

Recently I was contacted by a large, well-known corporation who is interested in having me conduct my Millennial Business Boot Camp for a group of their Millennial (aka: Gen Y) employees. Their main reason for contacting me was because they knew my boot camp includes a section on Business Etiquette, covering: Meeting etiquette; dining etiquette; communication etiquette, dress etiquette, and general manners etiquette.

The person who contacted me explained that they noticed most of their Millennial employees struggled with these “etiquette areas”. I’ve also conducted workshops, boot camps and seminars for other companies who expressed the same thing.

This is what prompted this very important blog topic. And, Millennials, don’t feel bad! I know generations at work of all of ages who also struggle with these etiquette principles! But the sooner you can get a grip on them, the better for you.

So, let’s get started…can you answer these 8 questions?

Business Etiquette:

1. What is the proper time to arrive for an appointment?

2. Can you exchange business cards while dining?

3. How can you get more privacy in your cubicle (if you work in a cubicle environment)?

4. How much perfume/cologne is acceptable at work?

Click here for answers to these questions and more!

Dining Etiquette:

1. Is it considered rude to take a sip of your drink while you’re still chewing?

2. After the completion of a formal dinner, where do you place your utensils?

3. How should you fold a large napkin before placing it on your lap?

4. What direction should food be passed at a dining table?

Click here for answers to these questions and many others!

As you can see, there are a lot of things you need to be aware of in the world of etiquette. And, remember, having good manners all reflects on YOU and your personal brand at work (and outside of work). So take some time to learn proper etiquette…your boss, co-workers, clients and potential clients, will be impressed!

Bye for now!


New Study Reveals What Gen Y is "Really" Looking For in a Job

May 14th, 2010

Hi All!

A new study is coming out in the Journal of Management that some employers may find surprising (or not!) regarding Millennial job seekers and employees. Here is the overview…

Much has been written and reported about the altruistic aspirations of GenY –– those born between 1982 and 1999. The notion that they value interesting, fulfilling jobs that provide them with an opportunity to “give back” has influenced how corporate America recruits and retains this younger generation of workers.

But according to a new study forthcoming in the Journal of Management, GenY (also known as GenMe or Millennials) is actually a bit more focused on “having their cake and eating it too.”

“Many times the media make it seem like GenY is the first generation to want a meaningful job, but according to our findings, that is not the case,” says Stacy Campbell, co-author of the study and professor of management at the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University. “Our study found that the most important thing to Gen Y workers is finding a job that pays well and gives them more free time to do what they want outside of work.”

According to the study –– the first to provide hard, empirical data to support how work values differ among the GenMe, Generation X and Baby Boomers –– these surprising results have significant implications for companies as the Baby Boomers continue to retire and GenMe populates the work force.

To learn more about this study, click here to read a recent article in the NY Post.

Good pay and flexibility…while wanting good pay is not a big “shocker” for employers, adjusting “old school” cultures to provide flexibility, is (for many). I just had this conversation with a colleague today…employees, from all generations, are wanting to work differently. And if companies want to better engage and retain their talent, they need to start changing their workforce “ways”…now.

Bye for now,


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