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New Study Shows Reaching Millennial (Gen Y) Candidates Harder Than Reaching Off Shore Candidates!

March 30th, 2008

Hi there,

Well, this recent study certainly drives home my point that companies need to get a bit more creative and learn how to adopt Web 2.0 initiatives to reach (ATTRACT!) Millennial talent. See? It’s not me just running around trying to make “something out of nothing”. Here’s what I’m referring to:

A new report published by the Boston-based Novations Group surveyed more than 2,500 senior HR and training executives and found that companies are twice as likely to report difficulty reaching Millennials than any other employee group. The survey shows that 18.9% of respondents reported problems with Gen Y/Millennials. This figure is more than double other groups, such as off-shore employees (7%); older employees (5%); and recent immigrants (2.5%).

So just what is the best way to communicate with Gen Y now that spring graduation is looming? Novations urges recruiters to avoid gimmicks and not to expect tried-and-true ways of communicating to work. Younger employees are more “jaded,” so skip the gimmicks. “Take part in a two-way discussion, and don’t try to wow them with a fancy presentation. Don’t be afraid to turn the meeting over to your team, leverage their know-how, and take your own notes. Use less technology, and eliminate it all together for meetings with fewer than 50 employees,” says Novations executive consultant Michelle Knox.

But I believe you do need to use MORE technology to attract them to your brand. And if you need a good example of that, scroll down my blog entries to the one I wrote about how Deloitte is using YouTube to attract candidates.

However don’t abandon your good ‘ol fashioned career fairs! According to another recent study conducted by Universum, students’ preferences when it comes to gathering information about employers went in this order: Career fairs coming in first, followed by internships, company websites, online job boards, and coming in fifth, company recruiters at school.

And at the job fairs, the students say the information they prefer the most includes material on internships; current job openings; career-development opportunities; the actual recruitment process; and mentoring.

One very cool, hip, suggestion I offer in my seminars is to put this info on a Flash Drive and hand those out at career fairs versus big, bulky collateral packets. You can also drop a 30 – 60 second multimedia piece on it that includes employee testimonials, fun info about your campus/building, info about the city you are in (things to do, nightlife, housing, etc.), and much more!

Also, handing out Flash Drives can be marketed around a “we are green” message by not printing tons of collateral and killing trees. This is a message MOST Millennials want to hear!

Bye for now but visit again for more tips on attracting Millennial talent now that spring graduation is upon us!!