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What is Generation Jones? Are You One and Don't Even Know It?

February 27th, 2009

Hi All,

I recently wrote a Special Report answering the question, “What is Generation Jones?”. It’s free to download off my website, and is entitled: “Generation Jones in Motion: The Largest Adult Population in the U.S. Has Finally Overcome An Identity Crisis”.

And, just FYI: The Associated Press Annual Trend Report chose “The Rise of Generation Jones” as the #1 trend in 2009…so this is pretty important stuff!

They are not members of the Veteran, Boomer, Gen X or Millennial (aka Gen Y) generations, so who are THEY?

One important factoid: I’m certainly not the person who has brought this to light. I’m simply helping spread the word about Gen Jones, because some people I come across are still not yet aware of this term. 

The credit goes to Gen Jones expert, Jonathan Pontell. He’s a dynamic social commentator and political pundit who focuses on the intersection of politics and culture, and he coined the term Generation Jones.

I don’t want to go into too much detail about them here…that’s what my special report is for! But I will say that Generation Jones currently comprises the largest adult population in the US (26% = 53 million people). But who are they? What year where they born? What are their characteristics? Are YOU a Gen Joneser and don’t even know it?

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Jonathan a few times and he’s a great guy. He has been interviewed by every major news outlet that you can imagine regarding this topic. And you can keep track of the latest trends on Generation Jones, and see some of his media interviews, by visiting his website:

And, if you’re curious about all this, and want a basic document that gives you a good snapshot, just go to my website and download the special report for free!

Gen Jones is, and has, greatly impacted politics, business and the economy…I’m one…are you?

Bye for now!


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