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What Does the Workforce of the Future Look Like?

September 12th, 2010

Hi All!

I’m going to keep this short because I’ve got lots to work on today. But on Wednesday I’m heading to Chicago to conduct a presentation for a large corporation, along with 5 other Thought Leaders, on the “Future of the Workforce”.

We’ve been asked to discuss trends and our insights about how work environments, and the role of HR, will shift over the next 5-20 years…everything from generations at work, diversity training, communication tools, technology, management, recruiting, retention, employee benefits, global teams, and much more, will be covered. Cool stuff!

During my research I came across some interesting info about this hot topic, and here are links to a few articles and websites that contain great info to check out:

1. Shaping the Workforce of the Future by Barry Salzberg

2. HR 2018: Future View by Ed Frauenheim

3. Meet the Future of the Workforce PriceWaterhouseCoopers website

4. Get Ready to Swarm: 10 Changes to the Way We Work in the Next Decade by Tom Austin

There are quite a few interesting insights, so be sure to look at these resources! And if the company I’m working with in Chicago is okay with me sharing content from the event this week, I’ll do so when I get back from my trip!

Bye for now,


New Report Reveals How Changing Demographic Trends Are Affecting US Politics

March 09th, 2010

Hi All!

Here is some very timely, interesting info to be aware of. Without me re-hashing their overview info, here are the details that were provided to me:

This new report, authored by NDN Fellows Morley Winograd and Mike Hais and based on a 2,500-person poll, takes an in-depth look at how America’s population is changing and how the two political parties are responding to these changes.

America is going though profound demographic change. Its population is moving to the South and West. New groups – particularly Hispanics and the largest generation in American history, Millennials (aka Gen Y) – have emerged. Large waves of immigration have helped put America on a path to become a majority minority nation by the mid century. This new American Electorate of the 21st Century is creating a “new politics” in America, forcing both the Democratic and Republican Parties to forge new political coalitions and new electoral maps very different from the ones they built, ran on and governed with in the 20th century.

This new report takes an in-depth look at how America’s population is changing, and how the two political parties are responding to these changes. Critically acclaimed authors and NDN Fellows Mike Hais and Morley Winograd present the findings of a new major market research project designed to help policy makers and political leader better understand these changes and how they might impact the 2010 and future elections, for both parties. At the core of this new presentation will be the findings of a just completed new 2,500 person national survey, whose large sample size will allow effective comparisons across generations and groups.

The presentation and report will take a special look at one of the big questions in American politics today – Can the new Obama Coalition become the new Democratic Coalition? Is the way President Obama won in 2008, with a very different map and different voters, a road map for future Democratic success or a coalition unique to him? And what does this all mean for 2010?



Thanks, Morley, for letting me know about this and sharing the info! GREAT WORK!

Bye for now,


Read the Introduction to My New Book: "Millennials Into Leadership"

December 13th, 2009

Hi All!

I’m thrilled that my new book, Millennials Into Leadership, is out and already getting 5 Star Reviews on Amazon! I wrote this book for Millennials (aka Gen Y) aspiring to be effective, respected young leaders in the workforce. And, since it is the holiday season, if you’re struggling to find a great gift for the 20-something person in your life (employee or relative), my book may be a good solution 🙂

As a sneak peek, here is the actual Introduction from the book to give you a better idea of what it’s about and why grooming young people early in their careers is critical for their success…and their employers success!


Hello! And welcome to my book. I can’t believe I’m sitting here writing another one so quickly after my first, but I felt this topic and focus was important. You probably didn’t read my first book, Millennials Incorporated: The Big Business of Recruiting, Managing and Retaining the World’s New Generation of Young Professionals. That’s okay – I don’t take it personally. After all, it was about YOU, so it was targeted at companies wanting to understand you as future/current employees, plus I included a lot of tips to help managers and supervisors engage with your generation more effectively.

So, I’ve been on your side for quite some time and helping employers figure you out…all in an effort to recruit and retain your generation as their future leaders. And, I’ve even conducted workshops for Millennial employees to help them acclimate and ramp faster as new professionals in the workforce.

It has been a wild couple of years in my life focused on YOU! I’ve conducted many seminars, workshops and keynotes with audiences full of generations older than you…often watching them spend the first 15-minutes of the presentations looking at me with blank stares. But then, luckily, I see the light bulbs start to appear over their heads as they begin to “get” what I’m sharing about your generation. And then I also witness that look of “Uh-oh” from them as they realize they’re going to have to really step-up their personal leadership and management game to better retain their Millennial employees.

Why? You guys demand a lot from your leaders at work! And, quite honestly, there are a lot of mediocre managers/leaders out there in the workforce, and your generation is requiring them to reassess their personal management and leadership skill set(s). Some of them haven’t had to do this in a long time and they are struggling with it (and/or resent it). But, I think it’s good for them. A little “reality check” for people who have “gotten by” on mediocrity is necessary to improve a company.

Why my new book? It’s rather simple really. From a demographic standpoint, your generation will be moving into leadership roles sooner than many generations before you did. It’s basic math: The Boomers are a massive generation and starting to hit retirement age now, and Gen X (the 30-somethings) are a small generation. And even though Generation Jones (the 40-50-somethings) is a pretty big generation, they’re replacing many Boomers in senior management and leadership roles now. That means in the U.S. we don’t have enough head count to fill the entry level to middle-management roles that are becoming available (there just aren’t enough Gen Xers to do it).

Let me share some quick stats to put this in perspective…but it’s NOT just a U.S. “labor shortage” issue:

1. According to the US Bureau of Statistics: By 2010, U.S. corporations, and small to medium-sized businesses (SMB’s), will be short 10 million workers.

2. The EU’s Labour-Shortage ‘Time Bomb’ (June 22, 2007): In the European Union, a shortage of 300,000 qualified employees in the IT sector alone is forecast for 2010.

3. ‘Japan Stares Into an Economics Abyss’, Masaki, H. (May 14, 2006): In Japan, prospects for skilled labor are so dim that some electronics manufacturers have introduced programs granting their employees leave (time off) to receive fertility treatments.

4. (U.S.) Employment Policy Foundation (EPF): A systematic labor shortage is expected to transform the workplace over the next 25 to 30 years as the gap between Baby Boomers and entrants of college-educated workers widens due to the Boomers’ mass retirements. If the U.S. economy continues to grow at 3% a year – the economy’s consistent average since 1948 – the workforce will have to increase by 58 million employees over the next three decades if the same rate of productivity is maintained. Yet, if the current population trend continues, the number of workers will only increase by 23 million. This trend would cause an overall U.S. labor shortage of 35 million workers. Most of these projected shortages are expected to involve workers having specific skills. My comment: The first “wave” of this U.S. labor shortage was described in stat #1 on this list.

Okay, those are just a few reasons “why” you may find yourself (or have already been) promoted into a management position and leading a team sooner than you expected (probably supervising some employees older than you are).

And while this is “good” news for your career growth, I personally provide one-on-one Leadership & Career Coaching for many Millennials (many of which hire me on their own – not through their employers) who are struggling. They have only been in the professional workforce a short time, maybe 2-5 years, but are finding themselves in positions with a lot of responsibility. So they don’t have a lot of real-world leadership and management experience, let alone experience in their field, and they need help “ramping fast” as leaders within their companies.

So that’s the goal of my book: To give you an overview of what being an effective leader means, help you understand the difference between a manager mindset and a leadership mindset, provide you with effective leadership tips, and help you achieve respect (and confidence) as a young leader at work.

I don’t believe that old saying “leaders are born – not made”. I work with many young professionals who are smart and talented, but need my help to grow quickly in a leadership role.

And one thing to note: Having a leadership mindset, regardless of your current position at work, or even if you’re still in school, will do nothing but help you succeed now, and in the future. Highly successful executives, 2-3 times your age, never stop learning and continually embrace ways to improve their leadership skills. So get started NOW, and give yourself an edge…personally and professionally.

YOU are the future of the workforce (and our world!), and your co-workers, employees, supervisors, and employers, need you to be the best leader you can be…so let’s get started!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me along this journey, and to all of the media who have contacted me for interviews about the book!

Bye for now,


Generational Trends Impact Parenting Roles and Equality at Home

May 05th, 2009

Hi All,

The Today Show did an interesting segment today about how Gen X and Generation Jones parents are now tackling parenting and managing the household much differently than the generations before them.

This topic was also discussed in an article in USA Today, and discussed how this trend is causing moms angst as they come to grips with having to “let go” and share power at home.

In the article it states:

Equality is gaining ground at homes across the USA, but the move toward parity leaves some mothers in a quandary; they’re ready to share the workload with their partners, but to do that, they’ll also have to come to terms with the loss of hierarchy at home.

“Women who want to create this sometimes don’t appreciate the level at which they must let go,” says Amy Vachon of Watertown, Mass. She and her husband, Marc, have become the standard-bearers for a philosophy called “equally shared parenting.”

“It’s not so much the stereotypical ‘Let my husband dress the kids in things that don’t match’ that’s the surface, easy stuff. It’s more the deep-down letting go being just fine when your child runs to your husband instead of you when she falls down on the playground,” she says. “My first reaction is, ‘I hope the other mothers didn’t notice because maybe they would judge me.’ “

In The Today Show segment they also discussed the new survey that reveals “how much” a Mom is worth if she was to be paid for all her time managing the kids and running the house hold. Click here to see the TV segment! It breaks down the cost for stay-at-home moms and working moms.

Along the lines of this, there’s a great new book out called Getting to 50/50: How Working Couples Can Have it All By Sharing It All, by Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober (Sharon was on The Today Show a while back).

All of this is certainly different from the days of Leave It To Beaver, and is a reflection of the evolution that occurs with all generations. If you’re married, and also have kids, I’m sure this is something you can all relate to!

Times they are a changing!

Bye for now,


Good Morning America Airs Info to Help Job Seekers…Great For All Generations!

March 04th, 2009

Hi All,

I have to keep this post short today. I have a busy morning and then head to San Francisco to be on ABC’s “The View From the Bay” at 3:00 PST. It’s my second time on the show so it should be fun! But I came down with a nasty head cold yesterday so that timing wasn’t so great. Oh well…lots of make-up and some DayQuil!

I’ll be discussing the big trend of middle-aged “boomerangers” returning to live with their parents to survive this economic crisis. I wrote a blog about all this a few days ago, so you should check it out. The stats are pretty alarming! Lots of Gen X and Gen Jones (adults 30-45) moving “home” with their elderly parents, and oftentimes arriving with a spouse and/or kids in tow.

Good Morning America has been doing segments to help job seekers, so the boomerangers I just mentioned may find this helpful!

One of the segments posed an interesting question: Can wearing glasses to a job interview give you an edge?

Click here to see the segment and find out! 

And the other segment points out 5 mistakes job seekers make. Click here to view that clip.

I hope that if you’re in job search mode you find these segments helpful. They can’t hurt!

Gotta run…

Bye for now,


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