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How to Ignite Compassion in Teens

March 22nd, 2010

Hi All!

The following is a Guest Blog post contributed to me by Lori Butterworth. Lori is a wonderful woman and founder of iSpot Compassion™; a resource for teens, parents, educators and community organizations.  It is designed to facilitate strong community collaborations in support of teens and enhance existing programs by making the web-based tools available free of charge to partnering agencies.

The following info is great for Millennial teens, parents, businesses, educators, and employers!

How to Ignite Compassion in Teens by Lori Butterworth

The national call to service asks all of us to increase our volunteerism and posits that the combined efforts of our nation’s citizenry can bring about positive social change. This intended change will not be realized without the full engagement of teens.  Unfortunately, for many high school students, assigned community service can be an onerous, abstract concept.

iSpot Compassion was founded in order to ignite the power of young people to create a more compassionate world and to achieve greater personal success through meaningful community service. The new website,, is a “social-networking for good” platform that allows teens to use their ingenuity to create and share their own unique projects and experience a tangible impact on causes they care about.

By logging on to, teens can:

1.    Create their own SPOT (profile) which allows them to keep a log of service projects and activities over time.

2.    Find support and mentorships from university students, business leaders and philanthropists.

3.    Upload pictures and videos of their individual and group projects.

4.    Start and join an unlimited number of groups to connect, share new ideas for projects, send notices and communicate about events and projects with other teens and groups.

5.    Write an actual business plan designed for teens:  iSpot Community Service Business Plan©.

6.    Create and print out an iSpot Community Service Transcript or Resume© that chronicles their projects in a professional, organized format.

7.    Receive community service credit for helping iSpot by printing out an iSpot Community Service Confirmation Form©.
With the tools offered by iSpot Compassion™, community service can have a profoundly positive influence on the academic performance, self-esteem and professional potential of teens. More than one-third of college admissions officers state that, when it comes to getting into college, community service ranks highest, second only to GPA and SAT scores. Young people who participated in community service during high school are 22% more likely to graduate from college than those that did not. Teens who share a volunteer experience with others are twice as likely to volunteer regularly, and 44% believe that “people working together” can make a great deal of difference in solving local problems. (Davila and Mora, Tufts University 2006).

iSpot Compassion™ is looking for corporate partners who would like to work with us to support teens as they take leadership positions in addressing emerging community needs.

Contact:  Lori Butterworth

Lori Butterworth is a former high school teacher and the founder of three, successful nonprofit organizations: Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support, Children’s Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition and iSpot Compassion™, which blends her life experience and passion to inspire the next generation to become the Compassion Generation.

New Social Media Sites That Millennials (Gen Y) Follow

September 25th, 2009

Hi All!

Carol Phillips has a great blog called MillennialMarketing and this is a recent blog post of hers that caught my eye.

It’s entitled: Popular Millennial Social Media Sites

Here’s some highlights, but you can go to her blog to read all the details.

We’re all familiar with MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace, but where are the Millennials gathering these days? Since these popular social networking sites have launched, many others have taken flight that appeal to the Millennials (in massive numbers).

According to Carol’s blog post, here are a few:

1. This site averages over 3.6 million visitors per month and features embarrassing and ridiculous videos and pics.

2. 3.5 million visitors per month, and is along the same premise as, but features stories rather than vids and pics. The takeaway is “you may be having a bad day but someone is always having a worse one.”

3. TFLN reaches about over 1.9 million people per month. People, mainly male, share texts with funny stories of things that happened “last night” or texts they sent “last night” (and regret). Many are funny and lots involve a sex or date related story (that went well or did not)

4. Trivia game quiz site targeted at college students, and the traffic went up 60% last month alone.

You can go to Carol’s blog post for more info on each website.

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Is Social Media Use Affecting Millennials Ability to Socialize In-Person?

September 01st, 2009

Hey All!

Interesting article today on this topic, but before I share that, I’m going to take a few minutes for some shameless self promotion. But I’m not asking you for money, so don’t panic! Here are links to some very stuff that include quotes or interviews with me …one is the NY Times!

1. New York Times article, was in Saturday’s paper. I’m quoted on Page 2 and the article is called “For Best Results, Take the Sting Out of Criticism”, written by NY Times reporter, Alina Tugend. She interviewed me specifically about how to approach giving criticism to Millennials.

2. “Blog Business World” blogger, Wayne Hurlbert, not only did a review of my book on his blog, but also ran a long interview with me about Millennials in the workforce (recruiting, managing, retaining, etc.).

“Blog Business World” Book Review of “Millennials Incorporated”, CLICK HERE!

“Blog Business World” interview with me, CLICK HERE!

Okay, that gets you current on a few media things “with me” involved. I was also interviewed by another NY Times reporter, and 2 people from the Wall Street Journal last week, so I’ll post links when the articles are done.

Now, onto this interest story…I saw this article today on Yahoo! Tech, and it has already received over 100 comments! That’s a lot.

The title is: High-tech Kids Lost in Face-to-Face Relationships

Here’s an excerpt:

Social networks and cell phones… you and I may find these technologies sacrosanct, but for kids getting weaned on this stuff, relationships in the real world may be suffering badly.

With the average teen sending or receiving over 2,000 text messages a month and spending nine hours a week on social networking sites, experts are worried that in-person, face-to-face social interaction is beginning to take a back seat to this twitchy, impersonal, and detached form of communication. The problem: When people rely exclusively on short bursts of written communication, those doing the texting miss out on the subtleties that come with a verbal and (especially) face-to-face discussion.

I can’t run the whole article, or I could get put in Yahoo! jail. So CLICK HERE to continue reading it, and check out all the comments!



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Social Recruiting Start-up,, Lands $3M in Funding & Targets Gen Y Job Seekers

August 03rd, 2009

Hi All!

Social networking meets recruiting…we know that…we’ve seen the power of LinkedIn and FaceBook for recruiting. But there’s a new company on the scene,, who’s CEO claims: “KODA is more professional than Facebook but more personal than LinkedIn, letting both sides of the hiring equation get to know each other,” said Jeff Berger, Co-Founder and CEO of KODA.  “Using a job board is like searching for a needle in a haystack.  KODA gives you more needles, less haystack, and we’ve developed proprietary technology that facilitates a smoother recruitment process for both candidates and employers.”

Here’s their recent Press Release to learn more:

Social Recruiting Start-up Completes $3M Round of Angel Funding
Increasing Traction of Social Recruiting Platform Among Large Corporations and Entry-to-Mid-Level Talent Attracts Fresh Capital Infusion

San Francisco –, the social recruiting site that is changing the way new talent and smart companies connect, just announced that it secured a $1 million fresh capital infusion from a group of private angel investors. Recent fundraising brings the total investment-to-date to $3 million, further validating the company’s increased traction among large corporations and emerging talent. This marks the completion of KODA’s previously unannounced first round of funding, allowing the company to expand upon the success of the first two months of their public Beta period. launched on May 27, 2009 as the first platform dedicated to social recruiting, which brings the relationship-oriented process of social networking to job recruiting.    

Within the past two months, KODA has established relationships with over 350 corporations, non-profit organizations and private businesses.  The site focuses on the entry-to-mid-level job market.  It profiles people and employers in a way that goes beyond the traditional resume or job posting.  A KODA profile gives an employer the opportunity to portray job openings within the context of organizational branding.  KODA profiles give people the chance to highlight relevant life experience and personal attributes, rather than just work experience. 

“GenY job seekers don’t often know what specific companies and opportunities to explore, and KODA provides a pipeline that makes these job seekers more informed,” explained Berger.  “They’ll now have access to information about corporate culture before they even decide to apply for a position.” KODA gives companies a venue in which they can lead conversations with prospective candidates about corporate culture and work environment, helping both parties to assess “fit” before the interview.  “In this economy, ‘fit’ matters,” added Berger.  “It decreases turnover and improves performance.” 

KODA makes participation convenient for employers by offering seamless integration with companies’ own internal career webpages, so that recruiters don’t need to manually repost jobs.  KODA’s proprietary crawler pulls up-to-date job listings directly from employers’ websites and showcases them on The site is now featuring thousands of job opportunities in various U.S. cities and regions. KODA will be launching new functionality as the Beta period continues, including tools for universities and professional associations to be involved in the process.

While Headquartered in San Francisco, KODA has an outpost in New Orleans and is actively involved in the post-Katrina economic rebirth of the city. KODA was recently named a 2009 Innovator of the Year by New Orleans CityBusiness.

For more information, email,, or visit  

Good luck to Jeff and his team with their new venture!

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Why Isn't Gen Y Using Social Media As Much As We All Think?

May 07th, 2009

Hi All!

I adore Ryan Healy. He’s a bright young guy and a Millennial Blogger who I follow. And when I say “Millennial Blogger” I mean he’s a member of the Millennial (Gen Y) Generation who blogs about Millennial topics…not some old fart (like me) who writes about them!

He’s the co-founder of the Brazen Careerist; a service that matches companies with young job candidates, and he runs the blog, Employee Evolution, a career blog for Millennial professionals.

On Employee Evolution he posts all kinds of great insights pertaining to everything “Millennial”. Recently he wrote a post entitled: Why Isn’t Mainstream Gen Y Buying Into the New Web?

Here’s an excerpt from it:

Generation Y practically invented social media. Friendster was the original, but when Facebook came on the college scene in 2004, everything changed. College students took their offline friends and aggregated them in one place online. Guys browsed through their college networks to find cute girls they had seen at the library, and everyone posted photos from last night’s drunken party or Saturday afternoon’s football game.

Facebook was like being at a college frat party with all the people from your school, but online.

Well, things changed. Facebook opened up, Second Life created a virtual world for everyone to live in, LinkedIn connected all the older white-collar professionals, Twitter jumped on the scene and let all the narcissists scream, “Look at me,” and Facebook followed the trend with their new redesign.

But Generation Y is not inventing the new web. Older people are. The new web is all about hyper-connectivity, real-time updates, and living your life online. And mainstream twenty-somethings aren’t buying into it.

According to Comscore, the majority of Twitter users worldwide are 35 or older. Young adults 18-24 only make up 10.6% of the Twitter population in the US and are less likely than the average user to tweet. 45-54 year olds are actually 36 percent more likely than average to visit Twitter.

The traditional social media early adopters are 18 -24 and Twitter is the new social media darling. Why isn’t Gen Y biting?

I can’t cut & paste his entire post here (that wouldn’t be nice), so CLICK HERE to read the whole thing. It’s filled with great stats and insights. Plus, he received 15+ comments from people who also shared good feedback and ideas about his perspectives on this.

And, big thanks to Ryan for providing some great content for my NEW BOOK that will be out this fall. I can’t tell you the title or what it’s about right now…it’s top secret 🙂

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