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Free "Teen Years Survival Kit" for Parents of Millennials

January 28th, 2009

Hi All,

I got behind on blogging due to lots of travel lately…and moving over the weekend! Ick. I never want to move again.

I’m here in a hotel room in North Carolina where I’ll be presenting my new popular seminar “Improving Communication Across the Generations“. I’m a speaker at this client’s annual sales academy (eastern region) and my presentation is later this afternoon for a group of 60 salespeople. Should be fun! I presented this same seminar for their salespeople in their southern region last week, and it went very well. We were all at the Hard Rock Hotel in Biloxi, so the setting was pretty cool, too.

Anyhoo, for all of you parents struggling with your Millennial teenagers, I came across this great website you should check out. It’s all about teens/tweens, and is owned by Sarah Newton, The Teen Coach. And on her website she offers a free “Teen Years Survival Kit” that includes:

  • Over twelve 45-minute Expert Interview audios
  • Podcast – The A-Z Guide- The first aid kit for Parents of Teenagers
  • E-Book – an unpublished chapter from Sarah’s bestselling book, “Help! My Teenager is an Alien”
  • E-Book – Help! My Teenager is an Alien…The most common alien attitude invasions and what to do
  • And much more
  • It’s a free download, so why not? Click here to access it.

    Well, gotta run. I have lots of new info to share so I will be blogging again soon when I return home.

    Bye for now!


    New Marketing Podcast Show Interviews Me About Millennials and Generations At Work

    January 13th, 2009

    Hi All,

    Linda Popky, founder of L2M Associates, a marketing strategy firm in the Bay Area, recently launched her new podcast show called “Marketing Thought Leadership“. She asked me to be a guest and recently interviewed me on the topic of Understanding the Gen Y Mindset for Increased Productivity and Retention.

    It’s a fun, fast paced interview where she asks me the following questions:

    1. This is a unique subject to become interested in. How did you get into this?

    2. Why are the Millennials such a big deal in the media? And why are companies hiring you to educate them about this new generation?

    3. What are the generational time spans?

    4. What makes Millennials so different from other generations?

    5. Attracting them to a company can be challenging, especially if you’re not a big brand. What are some unique ideas for attracting them?

    6. What are tips managers should know for better managing and motivating them?

    7. Millennials have a reputation for leaving companies fast. What are some strategies employers can use to better their odds of retaining them?

    CLICK HERE to access the interview! 

    You’ll get great insights to improve your communication with Gen Y…the interview is like a mini management development training seminar!


    Marketing Program for Speakers, Authors, Consultants and Small Business Owners!

    September 24th, 2008

    Hi All,

    As some of you may know, prior to writing my book and embarking on my professional speaking and consulting career, I owned an award-winning marketing agency for 20 years in Silicon Valley

    Based on this experience, and the endless questions I get from colleagues asking for marketing advice to build their businesses, I have created the Promote U Program! This is where I share all of my marketing expertise and the strategies that I used to build my personal speaking and consulting business. And a lot of the info I share is perfect for small business owners; even if they don’t want to write a book or do public speaking.

    My program is ideal for speakers, authors, coaches, trainers, consultants, and small business owners from any industry (lawyers, jewelry makers, etc.!). I have 2 courses to choose from, so check them out!

    There is no UPSELL like most “how to market yourself” seminars and workshops. And I teach everything that expensive marketing consultants, PR experts and publicists charge a fortune for. Yes, I even hired a publicist, but fired her when I realized I knew more than she did!

    You can learn all about my new Promote U Program courses by visiting my website:

    Gotta run! Heading to LA today to speak at event for USC! Should be fun!!!


    Webinar on Recruiting, Managing and Recognizing Generation Y

    August 27th, 2008

    Hi All,

    WEBINAR (10/14): SOLVING THE MILLENNIAL MYSTERY: How to Attract, Recruit and Recognize Gen Y on Their Terms 

    I’ll be co-presenting this WEBINAR with internationally known employee recognition expert, Cindy Ventrice, and author of Make Their Day: Employee Recognition That Works. I’ll discuss how to effectively recruit and manage Gen Y, and Cindy will discuss proven employee recognition strategies that motivate Gen Y.

    Get more info and details here:

    Be sure to check out the event website to get all the content and registration info!

    Bye for now!