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What Are the Most Overrated Jobs College Students Should Be Aware Of?

November 13th, 2011

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I came across this interesting article today on Yahoo! Finance and wanted to share it. The information provided is certainly helpful for recent college grads, college students, and Millennials (aka: Gen Y) in the workforce to be aware of as they plan their career paths.

Normally, we see tons of articles that are about “the hottest careers“, so I thought a topic about careers that are the most overrated was a fun twist!

Here’s an excerpt from the article, 12 Most Overrated Jobs, by Daniel Bukszpan, courtesy of CNBC:

When parents look at their young children and imagine what they’ll be when they grow up, many different possibilities come to mind. They dream of little Junior growing up to be a surgeon, or perhaps a commercial airline pilot, or maybe a banker, and they imagine a rewarding future of power, prestige, and high pay.

The reality is actually a little different. The job search portal , created a list of 12 jobs that are traditionally believed to be great occupations, but that actually look a lot better on paper than they might be in reality.

Despite the public perception of some of these jobs as impressive and rewarding, some have less-than-stellar salaries and frankly lousy hiring prospects. Others come with so much on-the-job stress that the six-figure income barely seems worth it, particularly when the work involves the safety and well-being of others.

Whatever the case, characterizes all of the following jobs as overrated, but with important caveats: “A job that’s overrated doesn’t mean it fails to serve an important function in our society. In fact, these jobs play an integral role in our workplace,” says the website . “It’s just that the hype surrounding them sometimes makes these jobs sound much better than they really are.”

So, are you curious what the 12 most overrated jobs are??? I’m sure you are!

Click here to find out!

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What Companies Did Millennials/Gen Y Vote As the Best Places to Work? Check out the results of this new report!

April 14th, 2008


The Great Place to Work Institute in San Francisco did an in-depth study to find out where Millennial (aka Gen Y) employees were the happiest at work. I came across this article on Human Resource Executive Online and thought you’d learn a lot from it. It was written by Scott Flander for HRE.

The article also goes into detail about WHAT the employers are doing to make their 20-25 year old employees so happy, so you should check it out for insights. Here’s the list of the Top 18 Companies but to read the whole article, click here:

1. CarMax
Richmond, Va.

2. Chesapeake Energy Corp.
Oklahoma City

3. Container Store
Coppell, Texas

4. eBay
San Jose, Calif.

5. FactSet Research Systems
Norwalk, Conn.

6. Google
Mountain View, Calif.

7. Kimley-Horn and Associates
Cary, N.C.

8. Marriott International Inc.
Bethesda, Md.

9. National Instruments
Austin, Texas

10. Nugget Market
Woodland, Calif.

11. Plante & Moran
Southfield, Mich.

12. Quicken Loans
Livonia, Mich.

13. QuikTrip
Tulsa, Okla.

14. Rackspace Managed Hosting
San Antonio, TX

15. Scottrade
St. Louis

16. Starbucks

17. Umpqua Bank
Portland, Ore.

18. Wegmans Food Markets
Rochester, N.Y.

Learn from what these companies are doing and you just may learn how to better recruit and retain the Millennial Generation!