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Survey Results About What Employers Look at Most from Recent College Grads

April 02nd, 2008

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According to a recent survey conducted by, a great website for entry level job seekers, here’s what employers are looking for in NEW college grads:

The results:

#1 – The student’s major (44%)
#2 – The student’s interviewing skills (18%)
#3 – The student’s internship/experience (17%)
#4 – The college the student graduated from (10%)
#5 – Other miscellaneous qualifications (5%)
#6 – The student’s GPA (4%)
#7 – The student’s personal appearance (1%)
#8 – The student’s computer skills (1%)

I came across this info on a great blog called: Jobacle

In another study (conducted by SHRM) that I discuss in my seminars and speaking appearances, they outlined what employers believe is important to have a “globally” competitive workforce. These were the top 3 answers:

– 63.3% of employers surveyed stated it is important for college grads to know a second language

– 77.8% stated having “critical thinking” ability is key

– 73.6% said hiring new college grads that were creative and innovative was key

Lots to consider nowadays when seeking your next generation of managers and leaders!

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Dr. John Sullivan Shares His "Top 10 Indications You're an Old-School Recruiter" Tips

April 01st, 2008

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Anyhoo, back to biz…

I recently wrote a blog about how it’s “spring recruiting” time again for new college grads, and how difficult companies are finding it to attract and recruit Millennial talent. Based on that, I thought it would also be a good time for recruiters to evaluate their recruiting styles because perhaps their techniques need some dusting off. Times change…even in the world of recruiting!

Dr. John Sullivan shared these Top 10 insights on so I thought you may benefit. The actual article is entitled Top 10 Indications That You Are a Dinosaur (Old-School) Recruiter! Is your recruiter and his recruiting approach obsolete?”

Here Are 5 of His Top 10 Signs You’re an Old-School Recruiter. Check out his article to view all 10:

This is a simple list that can be used by hiring managers to determine if the recruiters assigned to them are decidedly old school.

1. They don’t use text messaging. While only 20% of the adult population utilizes text messaging, over 50% of the younger generation uses it. In fact, they prefer instant or text messaging over email by a significant percentage. If you don’t utilize text messaging to communicate with your candidates, you’re likely missing a significant portion of this new mobile phone-reliant population that doesn’t require a laptop to communicate. If you’re not aware of the new IM applications and jargon, IMHO, you are so last year! In fact, the mobile phone is becoming the next must-use recruiting platform for those smart enough to successfully utilize permission-marketing techniques.

2. They don’t blog. Having your own blog is no longer unusual, but it’s still a great way to communicate your message to potential recruits. Blogs by corporate recruiters give potential applicants a chance to get a real, unfiltered message about the recruiting process and what it’s like to work at the firm. They also provide an opportunity to make comments and ask questions before a formal application to the firm is made.

3. They don’t have a MySpace or Facebook page. If you are a corporate recruiter and you don’t have a profile of yourself as a recruiter (and as an individual person) on a social networking site like MySpace or Facebook, you are a relative dinosaur. Most old schoolers are afraid of MySpace because they’ve heard about the lurking molesters who can be on it (molesters can also use telephones, but that’s no reason why recruiters shouldn’t use them). Some think that these sites are for only young people, but the average age range of a user on MySpace is in the 30s. Facebook is the fastest growing of the two, but there are many other social networking sites that allow individuals to learn more about you as a recruiter and as a source of potential recruits. It used to be that you had to have your own personal website in order to be new school, but it’s becoming okay to use social networking sites to display your individuality.

4. They are not using LinkedIn. Business-oriented social networking sites like LinkedIn might themselves be well on their way toward becoming old school, but for now, they’re still an effective way for recruiters to become known and get referrals. Other non-resume based search approaches that new schoolers are likely to use include ZoomInfo, Plaxo, Jigsaw,, Passado, or

5. They don’t use news alerts. As the amount of information that’s available to potential prospects and corporate recruiters expands, you need electronic help in order to keep up with the latest news and what bloggers are saying. If you’re not using Google alerts (or a similar service offered by Yahoo!), you’ll never be able to keep track of the activities (and then comment on them to build the relationship) of your targeted top prospects. Old schoolers don’t visit Google trends or to keep on top of what’s hot.

Click here to read his article and see the entire Top 10 list!

It could be time to take a good, hard look at YOUR recruiting practices and up-date them! Many recruiters are stuck in the dark ages yet wonder why they aren’t snagging the top talent like they did 10+ years ago. And if technology intimidates you, hire a Millennial consultant to train you!! Yes, you still need traditional skills like great communication, sales technique, and “personality”, but throwing in some new 21st century tools wouldn’t hurt your efforts.

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