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I've Been Selected As Expert Panelist for Popular Gen Y Career Blog

June 10th, 2009

Hi All!

I have some cool news to share. I’ve been selected as an expert panelist for’s “Ask The Expert” blog. I, along with other knowledgeable panelists, will answer job, career and workforce questions posted by Gen Y (college students, recent grads, and those already working in their career). And, we’ll also answer questions for employers who have questions about Gen Y.

Being selected as an expert panelist is a pretty big deal because is THE leading job board for Gen Y. Their reach is HUGE and their company is highly respected by well-known employers and universities across the country.

Click here to read the press release about me being added to the panel!

The “Ask The Expert” blog is just one support service that offers to people who register with their website.

Here’s more info about them:

Founded in 1996 by Steven Rothberg, has become the leading job board for college students hunting for internships and recent graduates looking for entry level jobs and other career opportunities. features hundreds of thousands of job openings and tens of thousands of pages of employment-related blogs, articles, podcasts, and videos. This website has also been featured by countless major media, including: CNN, BusinessWeek, ABC, Fortune, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. And, for 2 years in a row, received the prestigious Weddle’s User’s Choice Awards for best job boards, and was rated a “best” site by CareerXroads. 

So be sure to come visit their busy blog and submit a question! Our team of experts are there to help 🙂

Bye for now!


New Marketing Podcast Show Interviews Me About Millennials and Generations At Work

January 13th, 2009

Hi All,

Linda Popky, founder of L2M Associates, a marketing strategy firm in the Bay Area, recently launched her new podcast show called “Marketing Thought Leadership“. She asked me to be a guest and recently interviewed me on the topic of Understanding the Gen Y Mindset for Increased Productivity and Retention.

It’s a fun, fast paced interview where she asks me the following questions:

1. This is a unique subject to become interested in. How did you get into this?

2. Why are the Millennials such a big deal in the media? And why are companies hiring you to educate them about this new generation?

3. What are the generational time spans?

4. What makes Millennials so different from other generations?

5. Attracting them to a company can be challenging, especially if you’re not a big brand. What are some unique ideas for attracting them?

6. What are tips managers should know for better managing and motivating them?

7. Millennials have a reputation for leaving companies fast. What are some strategies employers can use to better their odds of retaining them?

CLICK HERE to access the interview! 

You’ll get great insights to improve your communication with Gen Y…the interview is like a mini management development training seminar!


21st Century Employee Theft: Using the Internet at Work. Is your company clear on its policies?

April 08th, 2008


There is a new type of employee theft that is causing “lawsuits and losses” for employers: excessive use of the internet at work for things other than work. And, with more Millennials entering the workforce, employers believe that it will become an even bigger issue than it has been. Yes, Boomer and Gen Xers are using the internet at work for things other than “business”, but the issue will get bigger if companies don’t get strict about their internet use policies.

1. Have you outlined a policy for employee participation on blogs?

Guess what? This issue is so widespread there’s now a term for it! If you are fired because of a blog it’s called being “dooced”. Heather Armstrong founded, and lost her job a year after starting a blog for writing entries that involved colleagues. She now tells her site visitors: “Never write about work on the Internet unless your boss knows and sanctions the fact that you are writing about work on the Internet.”

Another person who lost his job due to blogging was as a producer at CNN’s “American Morning”. He was a blogger and he was fired when the company discovered his name attached to blog posts written without CNN’s approval. He never identified himself as a CNN employee on the blogs, but CNN company policy is that employees must first get permission to write for a non-CNN outlet.

Sound hardcore? Maybe, maybe not. But you need to determine how YOUR company feels about this and get policies in place. Did you know that a new blog is created every second? Millennials love blogging, as do other generations, but Millennials will more likely be participating in blogging on a regular basis (more that older generations) and your company policies must be UP-DATED to accomodate the changing times.

2. Outline a policy for viewing “those types” of pics AND playing online games.

Millions of people look at porn on their computers at work. I cannot even believe how dumb that it, but whatever. Nonetheless, it’s a HUGE problem. A recent study by the AMA showed that 1/3 of bosses have fired employees for viewing dirty pics/videos at work. That’s a HUGE number!

And make sure your workforce is clear about your policies on playing online games. Is it okay on their lunch break? Or NOT AT ALL at work? Online game play at work is rampant, so make sure you have your policies in order.

3. What about talking dirty?

A very large percentage of employees are talking dirty from their computers, pdas, cell phones and laptops at work. In the same AMA study I mentioned before, more than 25% of bosses have fired employees for sending offensive emails. And because many companies now store/archive employee email correspondence electronically, “talking dirty” can become a liability to employers. Again, get your policy in place because people are sending “sexy” emails and text messages using YOUR property, and/or on your time, and that’s a problem.

Times they are-a-changing! It’s time for your company to dust off its old employee policies and up-date them based on REAL 21st Century issues.

Okay…time to stop blogging and get back to work. Luckily no one can fire me!


How Green Blogging Can Build Your Brand, Attract Millennials, and Help Recruit Millennials

March 14th, 2008


The term “green blogging” is a combo of two important things that can increase your brand’s awareness: corporate social responsibility and online communication through blogging. When done right, each one alone is powerful, but when you combine them it can be powerful for successfully attracting and recruiting Millennial talent.

Why? Because many Millennials seek companies that are “like minded” in terms of what causes they support. If Millennials find out about your company’s corporate social responsibility program(s) through a well-done blog about the cause you support “in general”, you will find them wanting to work for you.

This is an important point for HR people to be aware of: Starting a blog about the cause your company supports is key. Most HR people don’t leverage this (the cause you support gets buried somewhere in the website) and the PR people send out 1-2 press releases and that’s about all anyone knows about what cause your company rallies behind! That is crazy!

If your company supports Habitat for Humanity, you can start a blog about housing issues around the globe and write blogs that educate people. It’s NOT intended to be a blog ALL about your company and how you support this organization. Although you should add occasional posts when your company has built some homes for them. That’s not TOO “infomercial-like”. Add videos and pics, too!

Bring the cause(s) you support to the FRONT and use it to educate AND attract people to your company.

I just did a podcast interview with Elisa Camahort, co-founder of about “Green Blogging”. She is an expert in the area and actually consults with companies about their blogging initiatives. In the interview she provides lots of info about green blogging and how companies are using it for brand-building and attracting talent.

The podcast just became available on my marketing podcast show, Marketing Matters With M7. Click on the link to access it! And, yes, aside from running The Orrell Group for my Millennial topics, I own a marketing agency in Silicon Valley called M7. My marketing podcast supports that aspect of my life but every once in awhile my “Millennial and Marketing” worlds cross-over. This recent podcast episode is an example of that!

Check it out….great info for HR-related professionals AND Marketing execs…2 worlds that rarely communicate in the corporate world, but SHOULD! Recruiting IS a Marketing effort!