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Virtual Job Fairs: A Cool Tool That Works Well With Attracting & Recruiting Gen Y

June 09th, 2008

Hi All,

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to San Diego and clearly didn’t blog while I was gone. I’m not very good about blogging when I travel. My days are always busy and my nights are typically filled with networking and fun, so it’s something I need to work on to avoid “lag time” between posts!

As I have discussed in previous posts, HR, recruitment and management professionals need to get creative technically when recruiting in this new era. Competition is only going to get more fierce as our talent pool shrinks so many of the “traditional” recruitment strategies are becoming less and less effective…and getting “with it” is even more important now that the tech-savvy Millennials are entering the professional workforce.

I came across this interesting article written by Ramesh Sambasivan, co-founder of, Inc., about “virtual job fairs”. Here is an excerpt from the article posted on that explains what virtual job fairs are and how they can be used effectively:

With the widespread use of the Internet for job searches, recruiters and hiring managers have a larger pool of accessible job candidates. The consequent information overload is inevitable. A typical search within a job board gives a recruiter thousands of choices and not enough time in the day to review all of them. A virtual job fair serves as a levee to arrest the information deluge, capture a relevant, interested and manageable part of the database, invite them to a job fair, and fish for the best candidates. From the candidates’ perspective, they enjoy the ability to fish for the best opportunities. By creating manageable capsules of time, (web) space, and information, a virtual job fair creates a sheltered environment without the noise and clutter of the Internet for a recruiter or hiring manager to directly connect with a potential job candidate.

The other reason that a virtual job fair has become relevant is that hiring companies are trying their best to make their brand stand out amongst their competitors to attract the best talent that is out there. Many organizations are able to receive résumés of interested job candidates at their own career websites. Some even have a .jobs domain name to go with their overall web presence. With such elements they are trying to create an exclusive corner for their hiring needs and thus build some branding. To create an element of brand-loyalty even before they have become an employee of the company, many organizations prefer to have their own online event to invite and engage candidates who have expressed interest in working for that specific organization. The virtual job fair is an ideal way to maintain a pipeline of future employees that care about an organization’s brand.

The article goes on to give you the “Three C’s of a Successful job Fair”, so click on this link to get this great info provided by Ramesh!

Bye for now!


What Do Gen Y/Millennial Employees Really Want From An Employer?

May 19th, 2008

Hi All,

Finally! I am back from a whirlwind travel schedule that has had me pretty much gone on & off for 3 weeks. Time to get caught-up on my blogging; which has clearly taken a back seat to all my other obligations.

I just got back from Detroit where I presented 2 seminars on attracting, recruiting, managing and retaining Millennial talent for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan. I had a great time and received a lot of positive feedback. Plus, I must add, I really liked Detroit! They have prime real estate along the Detroit River which is now getting gobbled up by developers around the U.S. and will have that area really beautiful within 5 years or so. 

Sure, the Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, is being raked over the coals for sex scandals, but what big city hasn’t faced THAT? What really shocked me was how beautiful the Detroit RIver is (I was picturing brown & polluted). It’s Florida “ocean blue” and it’s amazing how long developers have taken to get that river front built-up.

I stayed at the Omni Detroit Hotel at River Place. I recommend that hotel to anyone looking for a great hotel in Detroit! It’s on the river, great views, nice staff, etc.

Anyway, enough about all that…

I came across this article on Quint Careers that I thought would be of interest to you on the endless journey of trying to get inside the brain of Millennials for better recruiting and retention.

How to Recruit, Hire, and Retain the Best of Generation Y: 10 Workplace Issues Most Important to Gen Y

by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

Experts have been warning employers for years about the impending brain drain as baby boom workers — the heart and soul of many organizations over the last three decades — leave corporate America in droves for retirements and re-careering options.

But with the gloom associated with the baby boomers’ exit, comes the hope of a new generation of workers. Roughly the same size as the boomers, Generation Y is the foundation for the next three decades of employment and leadership.

So, what’s the problem? It lies with the attitudes that Generation Y has to employment and work. Generation Y has been the most pampered and indulged generation. Growing up with the Internet and various technological gadgets, this generation is also the most tech-savvy and wired (or perhaps wirelessly connected) cohort. Their views of life and work are different from any others — and if employers want to recruit and retain these people, strategies and policies and procedures will have to change.

There is no question that a paradigm shift is occurring in recruitment and retention — with the most successful organizations already implementing changes to cater to this new generation of workers.

Besides obvious things such as using social-networking sites to recruit employees and offering a corporate career site that is interactive and engaging (like the Deloitte career site that offers grads videos on life at Deloitte), what else can employers do to help ensure that they will be able to recruit, hire, and retain Generation Y workers?

Click here to see Randall’s list of the 10 workplace issues most important to Gen Y job-seekers and workers!


More new info coming soon!



Black Enterprise Magazine Writes Article About Web 2.0 Ideas for Attracting Millennial/Gen Y Talent

May 12th, 2008

Hi All,

Well, I’m back from my vacation and must say I would have been happy with another week or 2. Sometimes I’m ready to get home after just a few days but this was NOT one of those times.

I was interviewed by Black Enterprise Magazine for an article about how to attract and recruit Millennial talent. The article was published just a few days ago so I thought you’d be interested in checking it out. Some of it covers things I have already discussed on my blog but you may find some new tips that spark ideas.

The title of the article is: The Race is On: Internet can be a vital tool for firms vying for new talent.

This will also be a busy week as I am heading to Detroit (for the first time) to conduct 2 seminars: One for the HR executives of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan about attracting and recruiting Millennial talent; and the second is a seminar for the National Management Association, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan Chapter. That one is targeted at managing and retaining Millennial talent. Busy week!

I hope all is going well in your world. I have a stock pile of great info that I gathered while on vacation that I’ll be sharing so check back soon!


I Spoke at the "Across the Generations" Conference With Keynotes, Cokie Roberts & Madeleine Albright!

April 30th, 2008

Me & Cokie RobertsMe signing books & chatting

Hi All!

Yesterday I was a featured session speaker at the 19th Annual PBWC (Professional Businesswomen of California) Conference, and Cokie Roberts and Madeleine Albright were the keynotes. The theme for this year’s event was “Across the Generations”, so having me there was a good fit.

It was a full-day event at The Moscone Center in San Francisco with over 6,000 professional woman attendees! They ranged from Millennials just entering the workforce, to business owners, to Senior VP’s of corporations like Chevron, Deliotte, Wells Fargo, HP, Cisco, State Farm, and on & on.

I got a pic with Cokie (above) in the Speaker Lounge. She’s very cool (and really funny). And I also got one with Cokie and Secretary Albright but that was on someone else’s camera which I’ll get a copy of soon.

I co-presented a seminar session with Dr. Nanette Gartrell, author of “My Answer is No…If That’s Okay With You”. She has been on Fox News, Good Morning America and many other shows recently doing her press tour for the book. Our topic was on “effectively communicating across the generations” and I spoke about how to effectively manage, motivate and retain the Millennials.

Our session was a big success and we had over 800 people attend! It was lots of fun and we both signed books afterwards (that’s me signing and chatting above) and fielded lots of questions.

Then today I was back in SF presenting a session at the NCHRA Conference (Northern California HR Association). They created a full-day event on “Meet the Millennials”. Lots of interest in Millennials these days (as you know)! I spoke about unique ways to attract and recruit them to an audience of about 125 HR executives.

So, I haven’t had much time to write in my blog the past couple of days. 

Overall they were both great events and I met a lot of amazing people. Next week I’ll actually be on vacation…this has been a long time coming and is MUCH needed!

I’ll write more on things I learned, taught, and saw when my vision isn’t so blurry. Time to sleep!



Employees Caring for Aging Loved Ones Are Costing Their Employers a Fortune!

April 17th, 2008


Over the years employers have been so concerned with women (and men) needing time off to take care of their sick children, and parents needing flex-time to attend their kids’ soccer games, that many have not focused on a major cost drain that will only GET BIGGER as Boomers start to hit 65+ and the Veteran generation continues to hit their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s…the cost of adult children (like me!) faced with caring for their aging parents.

This is a HUGE issue that has been an issue, but not yet addressed by many companies. Here are some startling facts that people in HR need to be aware of:

According to Barbara McVicker, author of the new book “Stuck in the Middle…shared stories and tips for caregiving your elderly parents”, 50-70 million Americans provide caregiver support to their elderly loved ones

And other stats from the Council on Aging in Silicon Valley include:

70% of those who are working TAKE TIME OFF to provide this care

15% of them QUIT THEIR JOBS when full-time care is needed for their elderly loved ones

– California businesses (and in all states) lose BILLIONS of dollars and lost productivity EACH YEAR due to their employees handling elder care of their loved ones

As an HR professional, you need to find ways to save your company the high cost of workplace interruptions and absenteeism. It is time for employers to WAKE UP! The cost to businesses due to absenteeism, stress and reduced productivity will add-up to massive amounts of financial loss for companies that are not prepared to manage this reality.

I recently met with Lorraine Larson at the Council on Aging in Silicon Valley and was floored by these facts but impressed by the services they offer to help companies manage this growing issue. If you don’t live in the Bay Area (or California) then I strongly recommend finding an organization like this in your area to help you prepare your company.

They offer educational services for employers and employees about: Elder Care Planning, In-Home Services, Caregiver Support, Retirement Planning, Long-term Care Insurance Counseling, On-site Work-Life Seminars, AND training for HR and/or workplace supervisors to manage elder care issues they will face with their employees.

This particular organization even has a MOBILE UNIT, their Generational Resource Center (a huge motor home converted into a state-of-the-art “office on wheels”), that will come to your company and help you on-site. How cool is THAT?

Get with it, folks! I’m 44 and my Dad is turning 80 this July. We are working on moving him closer to us and I know once he is here I’ll be taking more time away from work (without regret because I adore him, but for many people this is a financial burden), so I can relate to the issues employers and employees face. Luckily we have organizations like the Council on Aging to help companies and individuals deal with this important fact of life.

Bye for now,


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