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Wall Street Journal Says Panel Interviews Are Gaining Popularity

July 17th, 2008

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This article is courtesy of Peggy McKee, a professional medical sales recruiter. It has some interesting insights for job candidates, recruiters and managers wanting to conduct panel interviews. What IS a “panel interview”? Keep reading!

And this new interviewing style is something Millennial/Gen Y needs to be aware of while looking for a job after college graduation.

Tips for a Successful Panel Interview by Peggy McKee

Panel interviews are gaining in popularity these days. Why? They save time, since the candidate interviews with everyone at once rather than go through a series of private interviews. They can be more reliable and job-related, since interviewers have each other to keep them accountable and to help them stay on track.

These interviews are very good for sales, sales management, and marketing for medical sales, pharmaceutical sales, laboratory sales, pathology sales, imaging sales, molecular products sales, cellular products sales, biotechnology sales, and medical device sales, but less helpful for technical, customer service, and field service positions in healthcare.

However, panel interviews can the most stressful for the candidate of all interview types since they seem impersonal and more judgmental.

Click here to read Peggy’s tips for conducting a successful panel interview, and to see her video with bonus tips!

And you can click here to see an article about “panel interviews” from the Wall Street Journal.

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Survey Results About What Employers Look at Most from Recent College Grads

April 02nd, 2008

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According to a recent survey conducted by, a great website for entry level job seekers, here’s what employers are looking for in NEW college grads:

The results:

#1 – The student’s major (44%)
#2 – The student’s interviewing skills (18%)
#3 – The student’s internship/experience (17%)
#4 – The college the student graduated from (10%)
#5 – Other miscellaneous qualifications (5%)
#6 – The student’s GPA (4%)
#7 – The student’s personal appearance (1%)
#8 – The student’s computer skills (1%)

I came across this info on a great blog called: Jobacle

In another study (conducted by SHRM) that I discuss in my seminars and speaking appearances, they outlined what employers believe is important to have a “globally” competitive workforce. These were the top 3 answers:

- 63.3% of employers surveyed stated it is important for college grads to know a second language

- 77.8% stated having “critical thinking” ability is key

- 73.6% said hiring new college grads that were creative and innovative was key

Lots to consider nowadays when seeking your next generation of managers and leaders!

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