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Gen Y Workplace Demands Can Help Retain Boomers Wanting to Retire

August 07th, 2010

Hi All,

When I conduct seminars about recruiting, managing and retaining Millennials (Generation Y) I am always surprised how many HR people and front line managers comment, “Why do we need to do all these things to accommodate them?”

Well, aside from the fact that we are facing a labor shortage in the U.S. (which I have talked about in previous blogs), many of the things Millennials want from company are things that most all generations will also benefit from. And I’m quick to say that many companies are now stressing out about how to keep their Boomer employees from retiring so soon, and many of the advice I offer about retaining Millennials can also keep your seasoned Boomers around for a few more years (versus choosing to retire the minute they turn 60-65).

Things like an improved rewards and recognition program (a must for Millennials!), flex-time (also a must for Millennials!), creating a “fun” work environment (another must for Millennials!), and a culture that supports team communication (yet another must for Millennials!), are all things that can keep your Boomers from bolting the minute they hit retirement age.

So before you scoff at the advice that people like me, and other experts, are preaching, think about how our info can also improve your Boomer retention. If you combine the Boomer Brain Drain with our lower U.S. population growth, we’re facing a labor shortage of “skilled & educated” employees over the next 15-30 years, so figuring out how to keep your seasoned Boomers for a few extra years past 60-65 will be as critical as attracting and retaining Millennial talent.

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Thinking of Working Overseas? Here's Some Advice

December 29th, 2009

Hi All!

Below is a guest article contributed by Paul Johnson, Director of Outsourcing Consultants with 10 years experience of HR and recruitment within the Middle East. Author Website:

I thought it was something many of you Millennials (Gen Y) would find helpful as you begin to explore career opportunities. And, it’s certainly great info for people from ANY generation who is toying with the idea of working outside of the U.S.

So, without further delay, here is Paul’s article, entitled: Thinking of working overseas? Think, think and think again.

I am sure we have all thought it. Wouldn’t it be great to work away from our home country? New climate, new friends, more money (in some cases), get away from the humdrum life I lead now, experience new cultures etc, etc. Whatever the reasons, the grass is certainly not always greener on the other side. It takes time and not a small amount of perseverance and patience to make it work.

Take my experience. Back in 1998 my girlfriend (now wife) and I decided we needed a change from the UK. Dubai seemed like a good option as my wife had lived there with her parents in the mid 70’s. Being the days when the internet was something to do with fishing together or a goal in football the communication with prospective agencies and employers was by no means easy. Many calls and faxes ensued until eventually we both, miraculously landed jobs in Dubai starting 2 weeks apart.

Arriving in Dubai was a massive culture shock, especially 11 years ago even though I had travelled the world extensively. People from all over the globe were resident there especially from South East Asia. Everything was different from needing a UAE driving license to driving on the other side of the road!! The bureaucracy to do anything was immense and very frustrating. After 2 months we were reeling and wondering what on earth we had done! Shall we give it until Christmas (two months away)? Shall we leave now? Many questions and uncertainties. We were told by new friends, many of whom were long term expats, to give it 6 months, we did.

To cut a long story short we stuck it out and are still here 11 years later with 2 kids in tow! Dubai is not perfect by any means but where is?

My advice to anyone thinking of taking the plunge is:

1. Be aware of a huge culture shock even if you are well travelled, living somewhere is a completely different world.

2. Be patient!

3. Become culturally aware as fact as possible and do not attempt in anyway to impose your culture on your new hosts, it will not work.

4. Give it 6 months to settle in or you will regret it.

5. Use any means at your disposal to connect with people living there, seek out the lowdown and dirty to the place first.

6. Take up your interests as early as possible to meet people, do not get trapped into the work, home sleep unhappy triad.

7. Do not limit your exposure to other expats from familiar cultures only.

8. Take every opportunity offered to you initially to socialise, be it camping trips, birthdays, whatever. Good luck!

Learn more about Paul at:

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NOTE: Article courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap, a content exchange service sponsored by, a leading site for college students looking for internships and recent graduates searching for entry level jobs and other career opportunities.

Creating Social Media Policies for Employees at Work

August 24th, 2009

Hey All,

In the seminars I conduct questions arise about policies that companies should enforce when it comes to employee use of social media at work. In this new era of technology, and generations in the workforce, many companies are scrambling to add new policies to their Employee Handbooks about social media use…but most aren’t sure what to include.

IT Business Edge is making lives easier for employers, HR executives, and/or main policy makers. They just released the Social Media Policies Toolkit and it’s only $149 if you buy it before September 31st (then it goes up to $199). And they are offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.

I don’t get a commission on this!! I simply think it’s a worthwhile document and wanted you to know about it.

Here’s their description of it:

Businesses today are quickly realizing the benefits of social media as a way to distribute information and interact with customers, partners, suppliers and employees. Company branded Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and blogs are now common place. But to complicate matters, employees often maintain personal blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts, etcetera, on company time using company resources. In addition to the productivity issues this poses, the lines between company and personal business are all too often getting blurred in cyberspace exposing your company to potential PR disasters and even legal problems. To manage this, your company needs a concise set of policies to control the use of social media.

The Social Media Policies Toolkit provides a straightforward set of documents that you can put to use immediately at your organization. It’s an ideal starting point for designing policies for social media websites and their use within your company. It includes straignforward guidelines on the procedures for maintaining company-branded social media content on the top sites today, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Plus it helps you define the rules for employee’s personal use of social media at your company.

Try it today Risk Free! Download all the instructions and templates in this kit and save the countless hours it would take you to create the documentation and tools in this toolkit from scratch. Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%!

Click this link for more info and ordering:

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Attend a Free Online Panel Discussion on Recruiting & Retaining Gen Y

July 16th, 2009

Hi All!

On Wednesday, July 22nd, I, along with 4 other workforce experts, will be conducting an online panel discussion entitled: “Interns & Entry-Level Employees: How to Recruit & Retain Them for Less”. The event will run from 1:00 to 2:00 EST.

This is a FREE event, so register today and join us online next Wednesday!

The event is being hosted by; a hot new job board for college students and recent graduates.

Our discussion is perfect for internal recruiters, HR professionals, business owners, people in management, and for anyone responsible for hiring the future leaders of their workforce.

You can register, get more info, and read the other panelists’ bios HERE!

Hopefully you can join us 🙂

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Free Articles to Use on Blogs, Websites, Enewsletters and Ezines

March 16th, 2009

Hi All,

This is a short post just to let you know that I have added a “Free Articles” section on my website. The articles are free for you to use as content for your blog, website, enewsletter, ezine, and/or print mediums. They have been uploaded as Word docs for easy cut & paste.

You are required to source me as the author using the info provided in the docs. And please email me when you do use one, and/or send me a link to where the article appears.

There are currently six articles available and I will add new ones pretty regularly, so bookmark that page and visit often. The topics are great for business-related audiences, and they cover areas such as: HR, jobs, careers, generations at work, and more.

Simply go to my website and click on “Free Articles” in the main nav.




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