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Several Hot Companies Hiring Run By Generation X or Millennial CEO's

October 26th, 2009

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The job market may be tough, but there are some hot companies that are hiring in this economy…and according to Fortune’s new 40 Under 40 list, these companies are owned or run by members of Generation X or Millennial (aka Generation Y) CEO’s…yes, people under 40.

And are they all tech startups funded with new VC money? Uh, no. Oh, and did I mention quite a few of the CEO’s only list a high school diploma as their highest education level completed…or a Bachelor’s degree? published this article last week, so check it out. Quite a few of these businesses are currently hiring for 20 or more positions: sales, marketing, social media, project managers, product managers, engineers, human resources, accounting, and customer service.

The article also includes information from the CEO’s about what they’re looking for in job candidates, and what will turn them off to applicants.

So, if you’re seeking a job, and you’re a Millennial (Generation Y), Generation Jones, Gen X or Boomer, you need to check out this article. Companies ARE hiring; but they may not all be mainstream brands you’re aware of! However this list includes a few that are, such as and Facebook.

Here’s an excerpt from the article to give you a taste of what it includes:

These rising stars from Fortune’s 40 under 40 list have great jobs to fill. What are they looking for and how can you impress them?

Max Levchin, Slide Founder

40 under 40 rank: 25

What openings do you have at Slide now?
We are always short great product managers and designers. We are rarely limited by our demand, but rather by the available supply of awesome people in the job market.

What’s great about the jobs?
You get to work at the very forefront of innovation in social software, so you learn an enormous amount very quickly.

What are you looking for?

My favorite type of hire is the budding entrepreneur; someone who in a few years will want to start their own thing. They know that with every effort at Slide they are ultimately investing in themselves the most and so tend to be very productive.

Any secrets to impressing you?
Bring not just your skills, but also your thoughts (about the industry, Slide, etc.) to the interview. If you’re engaged and interested, it tends to stand out.
–Jessi Hempel

Click here to read the whole article!

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Link to Free Panel Discussion About Recruiting and Retaining Gen Y

August 21st, 2009

Hi All,

Okay, so before I dive into this blog post, I wanted to share some fun news! Today I was interviewed by the New York Times and U.S. News & World Report! And also recently by the Wall Street Journal. Lots of interest in Gen Y (aka Millennial) news and insights! I’ll post links when the articles are published.

That’s all. Here’s what this blog post is really about…

Last month I was a panelist for an online discussion about recruiting and retaining Gen Y employees. It was hosted/presented by, and 5 other experts were on the panel with me. is an exclusive online community connecting the best internship and entry-level job candidates with the best employers. And was founded by a fabulous Millennial entrepreneur, Heather R. Huhman.

It was an interesting format using a service called Cover It Live. So it wasn’t like a webinar or webcast where you could hear us; the questions and answers were all done in a written format. It was pretty cool!

Anyhoo, here’s a link to the recording of the event. It’s free so they’re not hitting you up for any money:

Here’s an overview of the topic discussion:

Recruiting budgets, staff and overall resources are being slashed all over the country. So, how do you go about hiring quality interns and entry-level employees during these tough economic times? What benefit packages can you offer that are inexpensive to your organization but highly sought-after by young professionals? And once you have them, what are the best practices for retaining Generation Y? These questions and more will be answered by esteemed workplace experts in a free online panel discussion-you won’t even need to leave your desk!

More to share but not enough time to write at the moment! Will write again soon.

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Social Recruiting Start-up,, Lands $3M in Funding & Targets Gen Y Job Seekers

August 03rd, 2009

Hi All!

Social networking meets recruiting…we know that…we’ve seen the power of LinkedIn and FaceBook for recruiting. But there’s a new company on the scene,, who’s CEO claims: “KODA is more professional than Facebook but more personal than LinkedIn, letting both sides of the hiring equation get to know each other,” said Jeff Berger, Co-Founder and CEO of KODA.  “Using a job board is like searching for a needle in a haystack.  KODA gives you more needles, less haystack, and we’ve developed proprietary technology that facilitates a smoother recruitment process for both candidates and employers.”

Here’s their recent Press Release to learn more:

Social Recruiting Start-up Completes $3M Round of Angel Funding
Increasing Traction of Social Recruiting Platform Among Large Corporations and Entry-to-Mid-Level Talent Attracts Fresh Capital Infusion

San Francisco –, the social recruiting site that is changing the way new talent and smart companies connect, just announced that it secured a $1 million fresh capital infusion from a group of private angel investors. Recent fundraising brings the total investment-to-date to $3 million, further validating the company’s increased traction among large corporations and emerging talent. This marks the completion of KODA’s previously unannounced first round of funding, allowing the company to expand upon the success of the first two months of their public Beta period. launched on May 27, 2009 as the first platform dedicated to social recruiting, which brings the relationship-oriented process of social networking to job recruiting.    

Within the past two months, KODA has established relationships with over 350 corporations, non-profit organizations and private businesses.  The site focuses on the entry-to-mid-level job market.  It profiles people and employers in a way that goes beyond the traditional resume or job posting.  A KODA profile gives an employer the opportunity to portray job openings within the context of organizational branding.  KODA profiles give people the chance to highlight relevant life experience and personal attributes, rather than just work experience. 

“GenY job seekers don’t often know what specific companies and opportunities to explore, and KODA provides a pipeline that makes these job seekers more informed,” explained Berger.  “They’ll now have access to information about corporate culture before they even decide to apply for a position.” KODA gives companies a venue in which they can lead conversations with prospective candidates about corporate culture and work environment, helping both parties to assess “fit” before the interview.  “In this economy, ‘fit’ matters,” added Berger.  “It decreases turnover and improves performance.” 

KODA makes participation convenient for employers by offering seamless integration with companies’ own internal career webpages, so that recruiters don’t need to manually repost jobs.  KODA’s proprietary crawler pulls up-to-date job listings directly from employers’ websites and showcases them on The site is now featuring thousands of job opportunities in various U.S. cities and regions. KODA will be launching new functionality as the Beta period continues, including tools for universities and professional associations to be involved in the process.

While Headquartered in San Francisco, KODA has an outpost in New Orleans and is actively involved in the post-Katrina economic rebirth of the city. KODA was recently named a 2009 Innovator of the Year by New Orleans CityBusiness.

For more information, email,, or visit  

Good luck to Jeff and his team with their new venture!

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Five Emerging Careers and Industries for Job Potential

April 05th, 2009

Hi All,

Patricia Cecil-Reed of recently wrote an article for Yahoo! HotJobs called: Best-Kept-Secret Careers: 5 Emerging Careers That Fly Under the Radar.

The info she provides is great not only for Millennial college students trying to determine a career path, but for any of you Gen X, Gen Jonesers and Boomers looking to make a career change.

The article starts with:

The world around us is changing, and our economy along with it. A challenging economy may usher in change a bit more quickly than we might like, but out of the ashes, new fields arise. Green energy, better health care — it seems there may be some silver linings around those dark clouds. Apply your interests to one of these rising fields, and you may be able to follow your career dreams to the top.Here are some up-and-coming careers in today’s hottest fields. They may fly under the radar for now, but that’s likely to change in the future.

Digital Technology

There are plenty of career opportunities to explore in the field of digital technology, with the exponential growth of the Internet, computers at work and home, and gaming — both online and with game systems like PS3 and X-Box.

Data Miner: This career tops the U.S. News & World Report’s list of ahead-of-the-curve careers. Data miners use statistics to evaluate and predict future customer behavior. Many of today’s data miners work mostly with data collected from the Internet, making their profession a valuable component of digital technology.

Annual Salary: $70,760 is the mean annual salary. The top ten percent can earn over $100,000.
Career Training: A bachelor’s degree in information science, computer science, or management information systems (MIS) may be an asset in this field. Training in statistics is a plus for data miners.

But CLICK HERE to read the other 4 industry suggestions Patricia has identified. I’m sure you’ll find this info helpful!

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Who is Hiring at the Biggest Companies?

March 11th, 2009

Hi All,

This is a guest blog post written by CareerAlley, and distributed through, a content exchange service sponsored by, a leading site for college students looking for internships and recent graduates searching for entry level jobs and other career opportunities.

Title: Who’s Hiring at the Biggest Companies?

I’ve been reviewing the Best Companies across a series of posts (and we are only through 30% of those companies), but what about the largest companies? Many people feel better about being in a large organization, but who are they and are they hiring? Let’s cover a few (excluding any that have been covered in previous posts).

Randstad Holding – Randstad is one of the largest temporary and contract staffing companies in the world. They are an international company and emply several hundred thousand people a year via their temp and contract staffing divisions. Since hiring is what they do for a living, their career site is robust with Job Search, Locations, Career Tools and about Randstad. Job search allows registration and a search engine as well as “Top Jobs”. Clicking Jobs (mid right side of page) provides two choices, job search for other companies or working at Randstad.

Kroger – Kroger is a retailer with over 2,400 supermarkets and department stores in the United States. Their career site has a wide range of search opportunities – Hourly Store, Manufacturing, Shared Services and Distribution Center. You can also review company background and register from this page. Clicking on Opportunities provides an advanced search function. A simple search returned 146 job opportunities across the United States.

Coca-Cola – I think we all know what Coca-Cola does, but just in case, they are a manufacturer, distributor and marketer of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates. Their careers page offers information on the company with an inter-active map that allows you to select your country for job search. The North America link has job search as well as Internships. Clicking on search for North America links to an advanced search page with the ability to register on the site. There were 91 job opportunities in North America (with a simple search).

Oracle – Employs more than 68,000 in over 100 countries around the world and is a software developer. Their career site has a full range of company information, special sites for college recruiting and professional development. Clicking on Open Positions at Oracle where you can register, job search, create a profile and look for opportunities in other countries. You must select specific criteria to search for jobs.

I hope you found this guest blog post helpful and good luck!

Bye for now,


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