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Generational Trends Impact Parenting Roles and Equality at Home

May 05th, 2009

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The Today Show did an interesting segment today about how Gen X and Generation Jones parents are now tackling parenting and managing the household much differently than the generations before them.

This topic was also discussed in an article in USA Today, and discussed how this trend is causing moms angst as they come to grips with having to “let go” and share power at home.

In the article it states:

Equality is gaining ground at homes across the USA, but the move toward parity leaves some mothers in a quandary; they’re ready to share the workload with their partners, but to do that, they’ll also have to come to terms with the loss of hierarchy at home.

“Women who want to create this sometimes don’t appreciate the level at which they must let go,” says Amy Vachon of Watertown, Mass. She and her husband, Marc, have become the standard-bearers for a philosophy called “equally shared parenting.”

“It’s not so much the stereotypical ‘Let my husband dress the kids in things that don’t match’ that’s the surface, easy stuff. It’s more the deep-down letting go being just fine when your child runs to your husband instead of you when she falls down on the playground,” she says. “My first reaction is, ‘I hope the other mothers didn’t notice because maybe they would judge me.’ “

In The Today Show segment they also discussed the new survey that reveals “how much” a Mom is worth if she was to be paid for all her time managing the kids and running the house hold. Click here to see the TV segment! It breaks down the cost for stay-at-home moms and working moms.

Along the lines of this, there’s a great new book out called Getting to 50/50: How Working Couples Can Have it All By Sharing It All, by Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober (Sharon was on The Today Show a while back).

All of this is certainly different from the days of Leave It To Beaver, and is a reflection of the evolution that occurs with all generations. If you’re married, and also have kids, I’m sure this is something you can all relate to!

Times they are a changing!

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