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Random Generations News: Kanye, Swift, Williams, Swayze and Prince Harry

September 15th, 2009

Hi All,

What a weird couple of days it has been. So this is one of my random posts about stuff that has occurred in the news or world that grabbed my attention.

Sunday was all about Millennials Gone Mad. First, we had Serena Williams totally lose her mind at the US Open tennis tournament. She yelled continuously at a line judge, and said (quote) “I will shove this f**king ball down your throat!”. Yesterday she released an apology.

Then, that same day, Kanye West totally freaked out at the MTV’s VMA’s by grabbing the mic from Taylor Swift as she accepted her award, ranting that Beyonce’s video was better. He’s an idiot. But luckily Beyonce showed her usual class by letting Taylor finish her acceptance speech when she (Beyonce) won later that night for Video of the Year. Considering Kanye is good friends with Jay-Z, husband of Beyonce, I’m sure the discussions they’ll have (and have had) around this will be a tad uncomfortable. Beyonce was clearly mortified when Kanye went on his rant.

I was watching the show so was in total shock, along with most viewers, when this whole thing transpired. He is a mess. I like Kanye’s music, but he needs help, and has serious anger issues. Truly, the man’s filter is broken. Apparently he has called Taylor to apologize, but whatever.

Here is a link to a video clip of Taylor’s appearance on The View discussing the whole situation.

Then, yesterday, actor/dancer (Baby Boomer) Patrick Swayze of Ghost and Dirty Dancing fame, died of pancreatic cancer after a 2 year battle. Although I wasn’t shocked when I saw the breaking news yesterday, it’s still sad. He was only 57 and was well liked by the industry because he was said to be a terrific person. Swayze was also a 3 time Golden Globe nominee. He is survived by his wife of 34 years, Lisa Niemi.

And on another random, Prince Harry, Millennial son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, turned 25 years old today. With this birthday, he gets access to part of his inheritance left to him by his mother. No solid reports have been released about exactly how much it is, but a report in April estimated that he and his brother, Prince William, are each worth around $50 million. I’m sure he’ll have a very happy birthday today!

Okay…that’s all. Just stuff I wanted to write about, non workforce or business related…random generations news.

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Bye for now!