Does Your Organization REALLY Know How to Effectively Attract, Recruit, Manage and RETAIN Millennials? Do You Notice Friction Within Your Multigenerational Workforce? Are Your Millennial Employees or Students Ready to Assume Leadership Roles (quickly)? Are Your Employees, of ANY Age or Level, Clear on How to Create & Develop Their Personal Leadership Brand (to be more effective at work)? Are You Aware of the Latest Workforce Trends that Can Impact Your Company?

CONTACT LISA! She conducts a variety of lively, engaging and informative seminars, workshops, and keynotes for management teams, senior executives, Millennial employees, and College Students. Her topics are focused on improving your employee relations, revenue, workforce retention…and preparing Millennials for leadership & career success! And Lisa can custom presentations to suit your needs!




According to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers Survey: For Millennials, training and development is the most highly valued employee benefit. The number choosing training and development as their first choice of benefit is THREE times higher than those who chose cash bonuses. And 75% of Millennials surveyed felt their companies could do a MUCH better job at developing their Future Leaders!


Get A Grip On Leadership: Empowering Gen Y & Gen X Employees to Adopt a Leadership Mindset at Work: This 2-hour presentation is targeted at the Gen Y and/or Gen X employees in your workforce who are aspiring to be an effective leader in their current role, and/or wanting to excel as a leader for future growth within your organization. The purpose of this presentation is to educate and empower your employees to  “adopt” a leadership mindset NOW (regardless of their current “status/position”) that will benefit your company in the short-term and long-term.

Improving Communications Across the Generations: This info-packed presentation is for the multigenerational workforce that your company may be experiencing: Veterans, Boomers, Generation Jones, Gen X and Millennials. We encourage all generations to attend the seminar together to improve relationship-building and productivity as a team!

Get A Grip on Gen Y: Insights & Strategies for Effectively Attracting, Recruiting & Retaining the Millennial Generation:This is an in-depth presentation specifically created for HR professionals (professional recruiters and/or internal HR departments) who are seeking information that can improve their recruiting efforts for, and retention of, Millennial Professionals.

Managing Millennials: How to Recruit, Manage, Motivate & Retain Our Newest (Unique) Generation at Work:The Managing Millennials Seminar is an info-packed seminar targeted at front-line managers to educate them about the newest generation to enter the professional workforce. Not only will your team learn who these young professionals are and what they expect from their managers, but it’s also filled with management, motivation, and retention tips your team needs to know!

Understanding Generations for Sales Acceleration:Lisa has created this unique, and increasingly popular, 2-hour seminar for the Sales Team at your company. Understanding what makes other generations “tick” will improve your sales efforts, client retention, and revenue generation! This seminar will give your sales force an edge over the competition by explaining key communication preferences across generations, generational client recognition preferences, and much more.


Your Personal Brand Is In Your Hands: How to Create & Develop a Personal Leadership Brand for Career Success: This 3-hour workshop is (primarily) targeted at Millennial and Gen X employees (ages 21 to 38) who aspire to be effective, respected, leaders in the workforce. The purpose of this presentation is to educate and empower your employees to “adopt” a leadership mindset NOW (regardless of their current “status/position”), and to understand that the foundation of their career success is based on defining their personal brand. Not only will your employees learn what branding is/is not, and how/why it impacts their career growth, but they will also learn “how” to create their personal brand.

Transitioning to Leadership Program: How to Effectively Move Your Gen
Y Employees Into Leadership Roles:Lisa co-created this unique program with Camille Smith, a 25-year Executive Leadership Coach and President of Work In Progress Coaching. It’s a 2-phased program geared to educate your executive and management teams on how to effectively groom and support your Millennial employees into leadership roles. And, it also includes coaching and training for your Millennial team members to ensure their success as new leaders within your organization!

Millennial Business Boot Camp: Ideal for the new generation of young professionals at YOUR Company! If your company employs Millennials ranging in age from 20-26, you need to contact Lisa for details about this one-of-a-kind workshop!

Her unique one-day program is designed specifically for the Millennial demographic and teaches them BEST PRACTICES IN: Business etiquette; leadership; management; communication; creative thinking; and more. This intensive boot camp covers everything they typically don’t teach in college…but should!

By investing in your new generation of employees, you’re investing in your company’s future! These young professionals now represent your company–make sure they do it right.


From Generational Friction to Generational Harmony – Entertaining Perspectives to Improve Teamwork Across Your Multigenerational Workforce:A fun, entertaining, and educational keynote designed for a multigenerational audience. Attendees come away with better insights into their peers that will improve team building and productivity.


Get A Grip On Leadership: How College Students Can Adopt a Leadership Mindset NOW for Career Success in the Workforce: This is a popular, fast-paced, 2-hour seminar forcollege students who are aspiring to be effective, respected, young leaders (even in entry-level or junior positions) at work. The purpose of this presentation is to educate and empower students to  “adopt” a leadership mindset NOW that will benefit their employers, and themselves, in the professional workforce early-on (regardless of their major).

Here’s a brief snapshot of what students will learn: What “true” leadership means; attributes of successful leaders; how successful leaders communicate; management styles that work (and ones that don’t); and the importance of, and how to, develop a personal leadership brand for career success.

Get Ready to Graduate: How to Enter the Professional Workforce…Professionally: This info-packed 2.5-hour seminar teaches College Students how to be successful (new) members of a professional work environment. Students will learn: Business etiquette; successful management & leadership skills; effective communication styles; co-worker conflict management; what makes other generations at work “tick”; and much more!


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"I thought it was a great session concerning your thoughts on generational dynamics in the workplace and it certainly helped my thought process regarding the matter. All (3) of our divisions where you presented ‘Improving Communications Across the Generations’ really found it valuable. Once again, thanks for everything!"

– Taylor Durham, ISP Sports, Director of Affiliate Recruitment & Coordinating Producer for Olympic Sports Broadcasts

"Lisa Orrell ROCKED! Every college student and young employee should have to attend her ‘Get A Grip On Leadership’ seminar!"

C. Serene, College Senior at Black Hills State University