Are You Ready To: Excel In Your Career? Bring Out Your Strengths? Overcome Your Weaknesses? Become An Exceptional Leader? Create a Personal Leadership Brand or Industry Expert Brand Platform for Career Success?

I’m a Certified Leadership Coach for Millennials (aka Gen Y) and Gen Xers who value personal growth, want to excel in their careers, accelerate their path to professional and personal fulfillment…and for those who understand the benefits of working with a personal coach to help make it happen. And if you don’t understand the “benefits” yet, just being open to coaching means you’re on the right path.

A majority of respected senior executives, C-level professionals, world leaders, premier athletes, and successful entrepreneurs, hired personal coaches early on, and continue to hire coaches now, for a variety of reasons. Why? They benefit from it. And, as a 20-year Branding & Marketing Expert (see my bio on About Lisa!), I also Coach & Consult with employees, of all ages, who want to develop a Personal Leadership Brand or Industry Expert Platform for increased recognition & career success!

Lisa’s Leadership Coaching for Millennials (18 to 29 years old): I work with Millennials who are focused on wanting to: Advance into a management or supervisory role at work; improve their skills in their current management or supervisory role; build their personal brand as an exceptional leader in the workforce; create and achieve personal and professional goals; and gain confidence, and respect, as a young leader at work…thus leading to greater personal and professional growth!

Lisa’s Leadership Coaching for Gen X (30-35 years old): I work with Gen X professionals who: Are not experiencing the career growth they want; want to achieve greater personal and professional fulfillment; want to excel to the next level of their career; are seeking ways to establish and quickly accomplish goals; want to develop a Personal Leadership Brand; and who are often missing advancement opportunities due to poor leadership skills.

If any of this describes YOU, I can help! Lisa’s “Industry Expert” Development Coaching (for employees from any generation): Many employees want to position themselves as Industry Experts to attract media interviews and become conference speakers. I find their main motivation is to generate awareness for themselves ‘outside’ of the notoriety they (may) have within their company. And, based on my 20-years of owning an award-winning Marketing Agency in Silicon Valley, I help many people develop their unique Industry Expert brand platforms! 

personal leadership brand, Lisa Orrell

“Through Lisa’s excellent coaching, I’ve become much more comfortable in my management role. I’m only 26 years old, and had no previous leadership or management training, so hiring her to help me with my communication style, confidence, and employee engagement skills was invaluable.”

– J. Ellison, Gen Y Manager & Owner of a Fitness Center