Paul Mitchell Schools Take Generations at Work Seriously

June 14th, 2012

Hi All!

I have been blessed over the past couple of years to conduct speaking engagements for one of THE coolest companies on the planet, Paul Mitchell Schools. I’m sure most of you have heard of Paul Mitchell hair and beauty products; well, the school arm of the brand consists of 100+ high-end hair design and cosmetology schools across the country. And Winn Claybaugh is the Co-Founder and Director, plus I’m also lucky to call him my friend. I’ve conducted seminars for their executives and I’ve been a featured speaker at two of their Annual Conferences for School Owners and Managers.

Their most recent Annual Conference was held at The Beverly Hilton in May and I conducted a 90-minute presentation for over 400 Paul Mitchell School Owners and Managers on how to more effectively motivate and lead their Millennial (aka: Gen Y) students and employees, as well as how to get their younger team members into a leadership mindset early-on so they start taking their personal brand seriously from Day One. Leading and managing their Millennials has been very challenging for many of the Owners and Managers which is why Winn wanted me to address this topic at the conference this year.

Shortly after the event, several different schools placed large book orders for my second book, Millennials into Leadership. And they’ve used it as the foundation for conducting internal seminars and training sessions within their different schools. I’m telling you, Paul Mitchell Schools across the U.S. take this generational dynamics and leadership training stuff that I talk about very seriously!

Flash forward to last week…the Paul Mitchell Schools in St. Louis, MO are one of the locations that ordered my book and have been using it for training.  And, one of their employees, Carly Noel, a Gen Xer, actually took the time to write the poem below after reading and discussing my book with her team members. The poem then was sent to Winn and he forwarded it to me. Awesome!

Not only am I totally flattered, but I’m impressed that a Gen Xer took the time to write this, and care about generational dynamics. Why? I find Gen X (people in their 30s) the most resistant to caring about this topic. And I can say this with a bit of authority because over the years I’ve had 100s of Xers in my audiences, plus I’ve interviewed tons of them.

SO…YAY, CARLY! I love the poem and a big thank you to the St. Louis Crew for not only caring about the information I teach, but for being cool with my sharing her poem and blogging about your school.

Now, without further delay, here is Carly’s creative masterpiece! I think she nailed it!:

Millennials, Gen X, Gen Jones and the Boomers
Why do we communicate the way that we do?
Well, the book Millennials into Leadership will give you the clue
So sit back, relax and learn all about you!

Let’s start with the Millennials
The youngest employees
Working their way up
To one day take the lead

You demand a lot from your leaders
But that is ok
For you keep them in check
So they will do it your way

Having to step up
to be on the same page
Taking on responsibilities
Of someone twice your age

You’re not always understood
But try if we may
We’d pick you for our team
Any ole day

Next the Gen Xers
Raised in the heart of the 70’s
We missed out on Woodstock
But at least we had Ataris

With Parents at work,
Family ties with friends
We were taught to “look out”
Be careful was the trend

But leave us alone
No chit chat for us
Don’t take it personal
or make a big fuss

We were the inventors
Of work-life balance
So you can thank us
For no more endless hours

Our social life is important
Our reputation we must uphold
A life separate from work
We started I was told

Now on to Gen Jones
Age 44 to 55
Raised on the Brady Bunch
And playing Pong all the time

They grew to be workaholics
Their careers on their mind
Working endless hours
They are one of a kind

We seek your input
And value your knowledge
For when it comes to the workforce
You have more mileage

We look up to you
As you pave the way
Your footsteps
We follow each and every day

We appreciate your hard work
For always being there for us
For giving us guidance
And never making a fuss

Last but not least
There is no forgettin
The Boomers we call them
Age 56 to 67

Growing up in the 50’s
The traditional household
They were taught to work hard
And to do what was told

Their knowledge we crave
Their experience we need
They are the loyalist
Of anyone indeed

Now you won’t find them on Facebook
Or twittering about their day
But don’t disregard them
For they will show you the way

They are the wisest of wise
They will show you the ropes
They’ve been around the longest
So they understand all our hopes

They hold all the secrets
But they won’t dare say
They are soon to retire
Off to Florida to play!!

So here are the people
That make-up our team
We all have our differences
But we share the same dream

The book, Millennials into Leadership
Opened my eyes
I felt I was reading my astrological sign

I now understand
Why we act our own way
And how to communicate
Throughout the busy day

We are one big family
And may be a bit loony
But we are the leaders of
Paul Mitchell St. Louie!!!

Thank you, Carly, Winn and The St. Louis Crew! You all rock!!!



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  1. Wow Lisa! I’m so honored to have such very kind mention on your website. Paul Mitchell Schools love working with you, and we’re grateful for the huge shift you have created within our schools. You have helped all of us learn to love and appreciate each other more, no matter our generation. Love you baby, Winn!

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