New Study Reveals Gen Y Wants Training over Bonuses

August 08th, 2011


I recently read an interesting article written by Jessica Stillman for about PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 2011 Global CEO Survey. And I wanted to share one of the key findings from it that I believe you’ll find interesting and helpful regarding what Millennials (aka: Gen Y) value most from their employers. This info may surprise you!

Plus, the results of PcW’s survey support why prestigious organizations, such as Johnson & Johnson, eBay, Intuit, Wells Fargo and various colleges, have hired me to conduct my Personal Leadership Branding Workshops and my Millennial Leadership Business Boot Camps for their Millennials.

Key Survey Result You Need to Know:

PwC’s new report states: “For Millennials, training and development is the most highly valued employee benefit. The number choosing training and development as their first choice of benefit is THREE times higher than those who chose cash bonuses. And 98 percent surveyed believe working with strong coaches and mentors is an important part of their development”.

PcW spoke to 1,200 company leaders and government officials from 69 countries for this report, and according to Stillman’s article, the results for attracting and retaining the best Millennial talent boils down to: Play down hierarchies, play up achieving mutual support of larger goals versus just moving up the ladder, and provide Millennials with mentorship and career development training.

And with the massive talent shortage company’s are facing, now and especially in the future, a majority of the CEO’s surveyed stated that recruiting and retaining the best talent of young workers is a major concern of theirs. So they are very focused on what younger employees require to work for their companies…and stay working for them.

As I mentioned earlier, many well-known organizations have hired me to conduct my popular leadership and business etiquette seminars, and personal branding workshops, for their Millennial talent. And this new PcW study shows why!

You can visit my website for more info and see all the presentations that I can conduct for your Millennial employees or college students.

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